Tuesday, October 28, 2014

REVIEW Madeline's Christmas Wish: by Ella Quinn

Ella Quinn's The Marriage Game 5.5 Madeleine's Christmas Wish was good but felt like it could have been more. It felt rushed to finish. The down time where the two characters have to themselves didn't seem like enough and it felt like something was missing from the beginning. I missed the one before this and if the missing part is in that book it should have been summarized a little for the unfortunate people who missed the last one. Other than that it has the same Ella Quinn style that I find enjoyable to read.

Madeleine was left in charge of her family with her brother missing presumed dead and her father dead presumed murdered. She was left in charge of the family winery but due to the rules of the new French government she needs a man for her to report to. He is a despicable, condescending statesman who knows nothing of her work. It is obvious he has an ulterior motive, just what Madeleine isn't sure of until the family receives orders that a virgin must leave the house and go to a London whorehouse in payment. To save her young sister Madeleine herself goes.

Georges,Marquis Cruzy-le-Ch√Ętel, and his family fled France early on to avoid the war. Georges became a spy for the English, and when he learn that the woman he was betrothed to as a child was being smuggled into England he recruits friends to help intercept her and saves her from a horrible life in a brothel. After saving Madeleine all she wants is to return to her family in time for Christmas. Traveling across France incognito Georges and Madeleine marry to help save her family lands and her reputation. Madeleine thinks it will just be in name only until Georges starts to woo her. Spending time again with her childhood friend and old flame rekindles old feelings but she hold no hope in Georges wishes and her wishes are the same.

Overall it was a good read, and a nice filler story for Georges. I would recommend this especially if you have read all the other books.    

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