Saturday, November 22, 2014

REVIEW Nothing But Trouble by J.L. Hammer

Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. As amusing as it is it seemed at times it made me think, "Sheesh, really". Frankie is a smart girl she just doesn't think and Wes like most scorned men in romance novels is judgmental. The antics are amusing Frankie falling through the ceiling into Wes' bathroom, walking in stilettos and short shorts in the middle of a Colorado winter and uncanny coincidences that make you think "You have got to be kidding me, as if it couldn't get any worse" their situation not the story.  It was good but there was something about it that only made it a three star.

Frankie Delenski is a cocktail waitress in a Las Vegas Gentleman's Club, she is only working there because her father got sick and died and she had to get money somehow to pay for everything. Unfortunately she talks to a loan shark who charges her an outrageous APR. Now Frankie has no way to pay him back, he is willing to forgive the loan of she stars in a porn movie of his making. Disgusted Frankie flees, once again, unfortunately the same night she makes a run for it a bunch of money goes missing from work and she gets blamed. Meanwhile Frankie is driving through snow, and crashes her car. She finds a place close by but it is fortunately occupied by one former Santa Fe deputy, Wes Malone. Wes left Santa Fe and all the bad memories that came with it. His first wife upset that she wasn't priority one in his life cheated on him with his partner. One quickie divorce later and Wes is waiting on confirmation to work up in Colorado when Frankie crashes into his life. Wes knows she is trouble, she lies so poorly he knows she needs help and she just so damn sexy in that sequined bra and red high heals.

The events that follow the very fun intro run from the neighbors delinquent son goes missing, dead Las Vegas strippers in dumpster, conniving exes showing up out of the blue and the errant skunk to a fancy party and a very naked overweight dentist. If I friend asked about this book I would recommend it if I thought it was their kinda book, I just felt like something was missing.    

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