Tuesday, November 18, 2014

REVIEW Rocky Mountain Miracle by Christine Feehan

Rocky Mountain Miracle is a uplifting Christmas Romance about over coming a hideous childhood. I loved the story. It's not new, it was originally releases in'06 as The Shadows of Christmas Past in an anthology. I have always liked Christine Feehan although I have not read her most popular Dark series, she wrote my favorite sisters series, The Drake Sisters. I loved the subtle paranormal aspects of the book, they play an important part but it isn't the main focus.

Maia is a traveling veterinarian, she moves from place to place to keep people from finding out that she has has an affinity to animals she can see their memories. Cole Steele ran away from home as soon as he could, his mother dead and his father a highly abusive and sadistic man. He never wanted to go back until he learned his father had another son and left everything to the both of them. Jase Steele is re-leaved when his father Brett Steele ends up dead, shot in the head. The rumor mill around town has had a field day saying Cole killed his old man and plans to kill Jase so he can have the whole inheritance. Before he died Brett hired a PI to find Cole he discovers that Cole spent time in prison and this helps spread the rumor of Cole and Jase.

    Cole wants to do right by Jase, he wants him to have a better life than what he grew up with. Helping deal Jase deal with nightmares and coping with the abuse Cole doesn't know where to start especially since in the back of his mind he thinks their is a chance Jase could have been the one to shot their father. Jase wants nothing more than to just move on but the rumors about Cole and his past keep him from fully accepting Cole. That all changes when Jase's favorite horse is severely injured and Cole brings in the enchanting vet up to the ranch to treat the horse. Maia has a bad feeling going up to the ranch getting several warnings from the wild animals in the area. Strange things have been happening things that point to Cole as the culprit, but the secrets Brett has left behind torment his sons.

Mia and Cole have an attraction that she wants no part of, but Cole has decided he won't let her go especially how he sees how good a mother figure she is to Jase. Giving in and facing their fears Cole and Jase take back Christmas and try and move past all the bad memories and even worse beating by their father. Maia helps bridge the gab between the brothers and her uncanny ability to understand Cole and his needs in doing this she inserts herself firmly in their life's, Cole just has to convince her to stick around.

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