Thursday, November 20, 2014

REVIEW This Weakness for You by Wendy Sparrow

Oh My! I was very surprised by how much I liked this book. It was funny, exciting and very hot with the right amount of sexual tension. Thank goodness I found this series before it got to into the series I am just one book off and I can only imagine the hijinks that went on in that book from the mentions of Vanessa and Dane in this book. This book has the feel of a novella it zipped through it that fast and I loved every minute of it.

Jordan the brooding big bad wolf, that according to Dane, Vanessa and even Jordan himself tried to kill Dane...twice, as a rival for Vanessa; has finally found him a mate with staying power. Jordan has had the worst luck in finding a mate that isn't crazy, or in love with someone else. Christa Hansen isn't looking for love she is just looking for a little relief from her MS. Trying to escape from her self destructing roommate Christa needs a place to stay but sh can't stay with her brother, Dane, Vanessa is severely allergic to cats. Vanessa knowing Jordan wont act on his scent match to Christa so Vanessa plays matchmaker and send Christa to Jordan's house saying he'll let her stay there... with the cat. Jordan was determined to stay away from Christa but with her there in his house the scent match is undeniable. Christa isn't going to let him off easy either she wants Jordan and isn't going to give him up easy. She even takes in stride the fact that he can change into a wolf, simply saying that it explained so much. Her strength is tested when faced with the pack for the first time and the fact that they are being hunted by a group of poachers killing shifters. She even does something no other Alpha would have done in hopes of saving all the packs in the area.

This book was, pardon the cliche, laugh out loud funny. Christa suffers from MS but she doesn't let that get in her way of living her life especially now that she has Jordan. Jordan despite being being hesitant at first with Christa because one she's Dane's little sister and two human but like her little cat, that Jordan so easily accepted, she dug in her claws and won't let him go. One of the funniest parts Jordan is showing Christa how to shoot a rifle, unbeknownst to him her Daddy was a sniper and taught her how to shot, with how Wendy Sparrow wrote it you can here Vanessa and Dane laughing at Jordan in the background. All around this was a pretty damn good book.  

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