Tuesday, December 30, 2014

REVIEW Blood Assassin by Alexandra Ivy

Book Two of The Sentinel series I don't think is good as the first book but in it's own right still very good. It's an exciting story but a little anti-climatic at the end, but it does have some pretty good stuff spread throughout the book and when Fane finally pulls his head out of his ass he is pretty romantic. 

Fane and Serra are a great couple. They both knew instantly there was an attraction between them, but only Fane is hesitant pushing Serra away. Finally Serra has had enough and with Fane saying he was leaving to become a teacher at the monastery in Tibet she is determined to move on and forget him. Fane being and obstinate, stubborn and powerful Sentinel tries to keep his distance from Serra and with his bond broken with Callie it's even harder to keep his distance. All the sudden Serra is missing and Fane suddenly realizes, and I mean suddenly, that life without her would be a fate worse than death. Even without a formal bond their bond of love is strong enough to help him track her down. When he finds her she has been kidnapped and she is being blackmailed into helping her kidnapper find his kidnapped daughter. 

Bas, talk about complex, you don't know whether to sympathize with him or just hate him for the bastard he is. Bas is a witch with a dark past and is willing to sacrifice everything to get his daughter back. He does show a softer side but his asshole douchery out weights that but he's not the overall villain and it leaves an open ending for him and also for Wolfe and Lana who have their own side story that has me giddy with excitement for their story. The whole searching for the missing daughter went on way too long. I love the characters and I love the whole universe and I plan to continue reading the series. 

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