Thursday, December 18, 2014

REVIEW Cold as Ice by Charlene Groome

In all honesty this book wasn't as bad as some of the other reviews say, well at least in my opinion. I have read my fare share of sports romance and while this one isn't quite up to pare with Susan Elizabeth Phillips or Deirdre Martin it had it's own unique quality that most people aren't liking. The changing of POV can be confusing but that happens...a lot, especially if you are switching between a bunch of characters. Cold as Ice isn't that bad I didn't confused it was obvious who we are following at the time. Okay now for what I didn't like. I can understand a woman's need to want kids so bad it plagues her sleep and that's all she thinks about, but Carla is unreasonably impatient. As career driven as she is you would think she would be intelligent enough to know she can't have both with out one suffering a little. Devin, I really liked him, he's a former playboy at the point in his life where he is ready to settle down.He definitely has the bad boy secretive image but with a soft spot and regularly spends his free time at the Children's Hospital.

Carla tries to push her attraction to the newest Vancouver Warriors Defenseman away by attacking him on air questioning his need to be part of the team. Devin is determined to prove her wrong and to prove to her that the attraction between them isn't bad either. All the while in between Carla battling her need to have a baby she is dealing with a struggle at the office, with people being laid off and a younger sports commentator trying to take her job and Devin father has contacted her to get her help in reconnecting with his son. Devin's father left him when he was little and he lost faith in lots of things but with his supportive mother and then later a step father Devin knows what he wants and reconnecting with his father is last on that list. Carla soon puts her job on the line and the young new commentator is determined to have her spot and the topic is Devin and his father. She needs an interview or she loses it all. Can she risk love for her job or will she finally admit something is more important.  

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