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REVIEW Taming the Alpha AND MORE

So I have read some really good stuff this month I pushed myself to finish my TBR list so I can read stuff 've been falling behind on this month. Boy have I ever. This is just some of what I read and LOVED and wanted to share with you.

First the enormous box set collection Taming the Alpha with contributing authors  (Goodreads Author) (Goodreads Author) (Goodreads Author) (Goodreads Author)(Goodreads Author) (Goodreads Author) ,  (Goodreads Author), (Goodreads Author) (Goodreads Author)(Goodreads Author) (Goodreads Author)(Goodreads Author) (Goodreads Author) (Goodreads Author) (Goodreads Author) (Goodreads Author), (Goodreads Author)(Goodreads Author). 

This was a great pick! first you have over twenty novellas full of Alpha males to love, from just your straight forward contemporary, military hunks, domineering werewolves, vampires, shifters, headstrong billionaires,  dragons and demons and so much more. and it's only .99 cents!!!!!!

Since there are so many to talk about I will keep it easy. Some parts are taken straight from the goodreads blurb others that I really liked I wrote somthing. I enjoyed every story in this collection I would not rate any of them individually under a three. 

 Viola Rivard--The Dragon's Appraiser
It was a good choice to kick start the collection. Given as a sacrifice she must now find out how to escape or survive. It's a thousand in one night type story. 

S. E. Smith--Taking on Tory: Magic, New Mexico Book 2 
The only girl and the baby is over protected by everyone but her one chance to get away leads her straight into the arms of a werewolf who always thought he was alone.

Mandy M. Roth--Broken Communications
Immortal Outcasts, Book 1--Part of the Immortal Ops World 
  New series kick off for Mandy M Roth

Michelle M. Pillow--Determined Prince--Captured by a Dragon-Shifter
With no one left to marry on the planet, the dragon shifters are starting to get desperate.

Sidney Bristol--Bound and Tamed, Bayou Bound #4
I love Sydney Bristol, and I love this series of hers. Computer hackers turned good guys look into who has been hacking into the police evidence lock up and stealing evidence and along the way finding love in their kink with each other.

V. M. Black--No Gentleman
A blue collar debutant who would rather study chemistry finds love with a lonely vampire. It was really short and she accepted the whole vampire thing really easily. 

Shelli Stevens--Falling for the Firefighter
A quick run in with a cute guy that leads to an altercation with an ex boyfriend cute firefighter doesn't think he will see her again but when her cousin accidentally sets the kitchen on fire their reconnecting is pure happenstance. 

Jessie Donovan--Cougar’s First Christmas
Despite coming from two worlds, can their love survive the greatest of tests?

N.J. Walters--Coming Home
A burned-out DEA agent discovers home is where the heart is.

Ella Drake--River Arrow
A post apocalyptic setting Jared trades what is necessary and keeps to himself, but when the beautiful and strong Mari needs help gaining control of her village back from drifters Jared learns sometime you have to get involved.    

Eve Vaughn--Theirs
A beautiful story about forgiveness and true love showing up in many forms with more than one person. 

Jaycee Clark--Reconnected
Lee tried to forget the woman who stole his heart years ago, but now that there’s a killer after her, he’ll do whatever he must to keep her safe.

Lauren Hawkeye--Mistaken Identity
In her job as a decoy sent out to catch cheating men, Hannah thinks she's seen it all. Mistaken identity and an over reaction and ruin Hannah and the choices she made. 

Scarlett Dawn--Valan Playboys
Lana Claire was raised by humans so when she finds them it's like finding home and when she finds not one but two irresistible Kings to be her match, can they each accept each other and their pasts with out jealousy. 

Natasha Logan--Under His Spell
Destiny comes with a price.

Jaide Fox--Renegade
Altered by science, the Renegades are the ultimate warriors—indestructible and deadly.

Tracey H. Kitts--Once Upon a Full Moon
Freya's life is changed forever one full moon. One ill fated night leads to the best thing to ever happen to Freya.

Reagan Hawk--Performance Criteria
What do you get when you mix a high IQ and a lot of spare parts? The love of her life risked his life to save her she then spent every waking moment rebuilding him. She never expected him to be just a real as when he died.

Candice Gilmer--His Velvet Touch
He was going to use her, but he didn’t expect to need her.

J.S. Hope--Foxheart
Can an unexpected visitor vanquish the demons that lurk in the darkness of a lonely man's soul?

Inez Kelley--Hail Mary Honeymoon
Josie and Wade will either win it all or lose everything when they play a risky game to save their marriage.

Eryn Blackwell--One Night of Passion
Death cannot keep them apart, but he only has one night to prove to her they are meant to be together.

Sherri L. King--Legendary Choice
She chose to live a life less ordinary, never knowing it would involve a sexy demigod who would show her just how legendary that life could be.-- This is my favorite by far Sherri King had me as Norse Mythology. 

Kennedy Kovit--The Bet
He has been in love with the bosses daughter and now that she's back in town, and legal, but it isn't until his best friend bets him to make a move on her, but that bet may be the thing that bring them together or tears them apart.

Madelyn Porter--Rite of Passion
To escape he plans on seducing his beautiful captor.

Shiloh Walker has a couple of holiday themed novellas out there one of them being A Present for Christmas. A light semi fluffy, and I mean that is a good way, piece about two people getting back together. Already existing couple David and Cris are in love but David just might ruin it all by moving to another state for his job. Cris loves Alaska and she can't see herself living anywhere else and turns David down when asked to move with him. Nursing her broken heart Cris goes of to her friends cabin for a bit. David at the airport realizes what is the most important thing.

It's a sweet and a little bit naughty story great for any late Christmas gift for a any fan of Shiloh Walker.

Another one from Shiloh Walker this year is Every Last Fantasy. It was originally released ten years ago but was revamped and given a pretty new cover. Two peoples lives are intertwined, destined to be together and given a second chance. But can they interpret the dreams and clear up the confusion and make up for lost time or will they just let lost memories cloud their judgment.  It is another light piece but a great one. 

I loved it a great second chance story, and those are my favorite. 

Carrie Ann Ryan has a whole series based around holidays, Holiday Montana.  It centers around one of the predominate families in town.  The town slowly reveals itself to be a center place for everything pertaining to the holidays. Every book takes place during a holiday or a major childhood "made-up" figure including Santa, the tooth fairy and the sandman. I loved reading this series, every book as it's own bit of magic that makes it unique from the others. If spaced out right you have a book to read at every part of the year.

My love for Sydney Bristol. One of my favorite BDSM themed writers, for the sheer fact that every one of her scenes are plausible and always pique my curiosity. She has out a new series out for this holiday season, Holiday Engagement series with two out now and having both of them I knew I would love them and I do. The first Festive Seduction is as the name implies an seductive little number involving a string of Christmas lights and avoiding the relatives. Together moving past a bad event that could have ruined other relationship just made theirs stronger. It's no surprise that the book ends in an engagement but the events leading to that is what's important.

The second book in the series Electric Engagement is definitely
that with violet wand use and a creative rope web. I loved it it has great visuals, it was like a movie playing out in my head. Wanting to be pushed to her limits things do get intense and if you don't like knife play or electro-stimulation you might not like it. Once again, I loved it! Carla is a girl after my own heart a bit of a SAM and a lover of rope play, sigh, and Ryan yumm.  

There you go a brief summary of the books I loved this past month. I hope if you try them you enjoy them as much as I have.

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