Saturday, January 24, 2015

REVIEW Bite Marks by Rebecca Royce

Bite Marks is the first in the new line from Fated Desires called Paranormal by Mistake. It was good, it was short I think too short, everything just happened really all at once and wrapped up quickly. I haven't read an actual undead vampire book in a while for the main reason that it weirds me out; they are dead doesn't matter that they are vampire they are still dead. I would rather read about vampires that are aliens, or genetically altered, or are a different species. Ok that aside it was an entertaining read, I liked the characters George and Trudy, the situation even rushed was funny and exciting.

Quiet introvert mystery writer George fell in love at first sight with the beautiful and mysterious Trudy the bartender. Time after time George has asked her out and Trudy has repeatedly turned him down until one night she finally gives in and says yes. Unfortunately later that night on the way home from his friends bachelor party he get bitten by a vampire and left for dead then becomes one of the "undead". Dejected he feels like he has lost his chance with Trudy, little does he know Trudy is a werewolf hunter and is on the run from a pack of werewolves hellbent on killing her. Trudy embraces George and confesses her past and tells him she will be waiting for him.

Even though George was an accident the council agreed to keep him, and as per usual they locked him up for a few weeks until he can control his blood lust his motivation for controlling it as quickly as possible is Trudy. When three weeks pass and George gets out Trudy is gone. Trudy received a call from her brother that the wolves were on her trail so she reluctantly takes off. She has a eureka moment where she realizes that she is a hunter and she will not run away anymore and she goes back to George. But can a newly changed vampire help her fight a pack of werewolves.    

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