Saturday, January 31, 2015

REVIEW Her Sexy Sentinel by Jenn Burke

Jenn Burke's His Sexy Sentinel I really enjoyed, it's one of those books where I hope the author writes more about this sentinel universe. I loved the concept and the secondary characters have piqued my curiosity to want to find out more. Callie and Derrick are hot! Trying to not give in to the sexual desire quickly building between the two. It was a fast paced emotional story that had me enthralled to the very end.

Callie ran when some bad stuff went down in her home town. She ran to Ottawa for reasons she herself could quite understand and when she got there she was assaulted by some local thugs. Something strange happened to Callie then she was able to defend herself using a strange power she never had before. Already with some psychic powers she saw what would happen if she didn't do something to stop it. As soon as she does she runs scared and the only person she can think of to call is Derrick. Friends in college who dated briefly but Derrick cut and ran leaving a brokenhearted Callie behind. . Callie always thought Derrick wasn't interest but he is her only hope little did she know Derrick was more than interested in her but had his own reasons for breaking it off. Now a call in the middle of the night brings Derrick and Callie together again.

Callie's magical talent of controlling air has finally emerged, saving herself but now she thinks she has killed her attacker. Derrick has already know of Callie's potential and tried to avoid her for that reason,but now that she is back and needs his help. To make matters worse Derrick's sister was murdered and Callie became her replacement as the Magus. Callie is thrown into the world she has no clue about. The Sentinels are two magic users designated to kept the town safe. The two of them made up of the Magus, the highest magic user, and The Knight, the one who defends and protects the Magus. They are connected; bonded in a way that bring them mentally closer to each other and the sexual tension between the two becomes almost unbearable. In Derrick's grief he forgets to tell Callie some important things and since she has no clue what she is doing when Derrick is injured beyond repair Callie does the only thing she can and forms the forbidden bond between the them.

The first Sentinels formed such a bond and ended up killing all but one of the council. The two Sentinels claimed the council member was a demon and that he killed the other council members. They were put to death and the council band that bond between the Sentinel stating it would slowly drive them crazy. Derrick and Callie try to hide it both still unsure about the others feelings but they both still love each other and that bond was inevitable. Derrick is upset with it after being told since childhood that it was wrong but Callie is adamant that she was just doing what felt right, and it still does.

The death of Derrick's sister was just the start of it. Soon Derrick and Callie are evading sniper attacks, tracking the killer of several young women and when the council finds out about the bond Callie wants to continue to avoid them and continue trying to find the killer before he strikes again, but Derrick wants to explain. It all comes together in an explosive "what a twist" ending.


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