Thursday, January 29, 2015

REVIEW Katalina Leon's Forsaken Realms and Hoodoo Blue

Katalina Leon has released not one but two novellas for Fated Desires new lines. Earlier this month Forsaken Realms kicked off the On the Run line and now Hoodoo Blue starting off the Set-Up line. The On the Run line I think is pretty explanatory the characters are on the run from someone or something; the Set-up line is where blind dates go wrong. (I love it already!)

Forsaken Realms is a Sci-Fi Romance set in the distant future. Retrieval Specialist Gemmina Nayar is asked specifically to pick up and turn in a corporate spy who tried to infiltrate the isolated and mysterious billionaire/ inventor Jason Naveen laboratory. But when she gets there she discovers the spy is one of the forbidden race Kironian. The Kironians isolated themselves away from the humans determined to keep them separate the human government agreed and forbid the Kironian space forbidden. Gimmina knows something is hinky when she finds out who she is transporting and when the huge Kironian opens his eyes and something passes between them she crosses her fingers that she is wrong. She's not. Soon Syan the gorgeous way off-limits alien is talking to her telepathically something they can only do with fated mates. He tries to warn her that Jason Neveen is not who he appears to be and will not let them go easily. He is soon proven right when her ship's engine blows up and they crash and are soon running for their lives.  I love a good sci-fi and this one satisfied my craving for sci-fi and a good romance.

Hoodoo Blue is a funny PNR laced with good intentions gone wrong. The Blonde Bombshell witch also known as Fredi hasn't had the best luck with dating swearing it off because with every dirty/erotic thought she has green plasma flies out her fingertips setting things on fire. Gus is a Lycan shifter who hasn't had the best control of his shifting lately. When Fredi's best friend laces the Hoodoo Blue mix with a special potion to keep Fredi and Gus together and talking because she knows they are perfect for each other it all goes wrong. First they blurt out everything that comes to mind and then they can't move far from each other and that radius keeps shrinking not to mention the fact that Fredi keeps shooting green fire and it's a full moon so Gus isn't in control with his shifting. This is a funny funny story I enjoyed it immensely.    

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