Thursday, January 1, 2015

REVIEW A Pinch of Me, A Dash of You by Heather Thurmeier

First book of the New Year we have Pinch of Me, A Dash of You by Heather Thurmeier and is the start of a new line from Fated Desires the Give Me a Taste Line. Heather Thurmeier kicked off the the new line with a fabulous book. I thoroughly enjoyed this funny Food Romance. The book is a light and fun paced story of a foodie reviewer who can't cook and a chef who also runs a cooking school for low income students. Together they make a great story, one I could see turned into a movie.

Kali is known for her harsh reviews and Gordon Ramsey like insults. Lately though she is starting to feel the strain but with a cookbook deal in the works she is dealing with it. That is until she reviews the delicious food at Mac's where she takes it a step too far and insults his cooking school also. Mac knows an unfair review when he sees one and when he accidentally bumps into the reviewer he knows why. Thinking she has something wrong with her tastes buds Mac proposes a fair exchange; he teaches her in is school for the summer and she in return will write an article about the experience and all the positive his school does.

It turns out there's nothing wrong with Kali's tastes buds she just can't cook. Mac attempts to teach her and Kali uses the experience to help create her recipes for her cookbook. Because this is a romance Mac and Kali give into their attraction but their jobs get in the way. Investors are backing out because of the review and Kali's cookbook publishers are pushing her to use her review of Mac's and a recipe on how to improve it. Kali's editor also plays a particularly asshole part.

Overall this was a very good read, had me tearing up at parts and a very satisfactory ending.    

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