Monday, January 19, 2015

REVIEW Some Like it Sizzling by Robbie Treman

Book three in A Perfect Recipe series is a delightful romance about second chances and proving people can change. Even as the third book in the series it can definitely be read as a stand-alone, the previous leads are prominent but their individual storylines aren't relevant. I enjoyed this light hearted but emotional romance with funny situations that make you giggle out loud. I love second chance stories and this one was very in depth and emotional without getting too heavy and a really good read.

Jenna Rawley left home without saying goodbye, she left to pursue a modeling career in Europe. Not turning out like she hoped she stayed staying away from her family and friends until her best friend called her up with a business opportunity. Returned to the states to help a friend and to start over and she has swimmingly until her fiance jilted her. To make matters worse he stole all of her money and has been under investigation by the FBI for laundering money for the mob. Forced to give up the life she has gotten use to sell her clothes and move back in with her father.

Luke Kearney had his heart broken when Jenna left, the day after he proposed. He always blamed her belief that to have money means to be happy and secure and always imagined the worse of her. He never got over it and it inadvertently ruined his marriage to a good woman. Olivia left Luke because she knew he could never love her as much as he denies to love Jenna. They maintain an amiable relationship for the sake of their son, Eli. When Jenna pops back into Luke's life the sizzle is still there; Jenna is scared of it and Luke fains indifference. But when Jenna's world comes crashing down Luke can't help but play the white knight. They are avoiding their past and refuse admit anything let alone their own feelings for each other. There are some humorous scenes of almost sex, you know where they start but get interrupted, those are always fun. As much as Luke loves Jenna he still doesn't quite trust her, so when she does a favor for a friend and a hefty paycheck Luke shuts her out. A near death experience changes it both for them both.

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