Saturday, January 31, 2015

REVIEW Too Hot to Handle by Katie Rose

Book two in Katie Rose's The Boys of Summer series. We find ourselves again with the New Jersey Sonics and this time around with playboy Jake Baldwin. I enjoyed this just as much as the first book in the series if not more, maybe. Nikki and Jake are smokin' hot; there's nothing like a playboy whose found love and has to convince lady love he really and truly loves her and only her well except for maybe baseball, her and baseball are the loves of his life.

Tired of the bad rep his team has Sonic's owner highers Nikki Case as the teams PR person. Nikki not a fan of the game but still as a strict structure the players must adhere to or face consequences. The players rebel with practical joke after practical joke instead of reacting the way the players expect her to react she brushes it off and has it work to her advantage. Jake is the only one taking it in stride especially since he made a bet to win over Nikki. Jake who would have made a play for her anyways enjoys her company and is surprised when she admits to wants a no strings attached affair. Jake is tired of meaningless relationships and grudgingly agrees to one with Nikki. Jake has an ongoing change he starts to mature right before your eyes.

The cleaning up Nikki does with the team has him looking at things differently so when a young boy tries to steal something out of his car instead of calling the cops Jake offers him a job. Becoming a mentor to the boy is a full feelful feeling. It backfires a little when the kids gets beaten up for his Sonic's jersey that Jake gives him. The media finds out about it somehow and Nikki thinks they should capitalize on it but after meeting the young boy and his mother she knows why Jake wants to avoid it. Jake and Nikki have fallen in love but when Nikki overhears about the bet she leaves now it's up to Jake to win her back.      

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