Tuesday, February 10, 2015

REVIEW Want Me by Cynthia Eden

Book Two of Cynthia Eden's Dark Obsessions series. Want Me is another dark suspense that will have you guessing and rethinking your guess over again. (red herring anybody??) This book could possible be read as a stand alone but I wouldn't recommend it. The events in the last book do play a small but kinda important part. I loved this book it was suspenseful and exciting and really hot.  

Sophie came off as a tough cookie in book one Watch Me, but you get to see her softer side the more vulnerable side the side that Lex knew was there even if Dev and Chance didn't. After Sophie was attacked in book one she is coping well enough but when someone sneaks into her house and threatens. to kill her attacker for her. Scared for her life she just barely manages to escape. Desperate for help she goes to the only person she can trust. Lex fell in lust with Sophie from the moment he saw her and now he will do anything to protect her. Sophie's mysterious past with Ethan comes into play and their secrets are revealed and it just makes Lex want her and protect her all the more.

Loved this book and it gives you a taste of Dev's story to come.  

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