Tuesday, March 10, 2015

ARC REVIEW Before I Fall by Jessica Scott

Before I Fall is Jessica Scott's first jump in the New Adult genre and like her other books she does it well. New Adult isn't my favorite genre but I love Jessica Scott and she carried her talent over to this new series. A friend I review with on Ramblings from this Chick reviewed this also and I think she said it best, "...Scott does not sugar coat life in or out of the military". I think that is what I like so much about her, the raw emotions and no sugar coating; she is one of the few authors who makes me cry and I love it.

Beth Lamont has struggled with the hardships of life ever since her father came home wounded from war and her mother left at the age of sixteen. Struggling with her father's drug and alcohol problem because of back pain the VA classified as not their problem but the hospital charities classify as a VA problem. Beth has worked hard and using her her father's GI Bill to pay for her college education at a high dollar school and working two jobs as her stats professor's TA and as a waitress. I wouldn't say Beth hates everything Military she just hates what it does to the people in it and their families. When her stats professor offers her a job tutoring a former soldier she only gives in for the sheer fact she needs the money.

Noah Warren joined the military early to avoid a bad family situation, now out and officially a college student he is lost in a world he doesn't know. It has been years since he was a civilian and everything has changed. Noah made a promise to his LT and he intends to keep it and if that means stepping out of his comfort zone then so be it. To ensure his success he was even hired a tutor. He never expected a woman like Beth. Struggling to understand Beth has a way of explaining it to where he understands. Noah also has a very dirty mind when it comes to her he is obsessed with her body but also her strength, her intellect. When he is with her he can almost forget his own problems and he has his own fair share of problems. Noah understands Beth hesitancy when it comes to the relationship but they give it a go and Noah stand by her when her father's situation worsens. But when faced with the truth about Noah, Beth freaks a little, ok she over reacts.

I find myself at a loss of words when I have to describe Jessica Scott's books, they are angsty but not too angsty; she'll more than likely make you cry and she's an intelligent person and it transfers over to her books. She can tell a story from both sides because she understands the psychology behind why people would do certain things in certain situation. Which is great for this book because it is told in first person from both Noah and Beth's POV. Overall this was a great transition book for Jessica Scott.      

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