Saturday, March 7, 2015

ARC REVIEW Need Me by Cynthia Eden

Book three in Cynthia Eden's Dark Obsessions series picks up pretty much where Want Me ended, even though all three books so far are stand alone. Just like with the others the hero finds himself in a case of inta-lust and a desperate need to protect lady love. I liked this one, Cynthia Eden just like always weaves a tale of desire and suspense. Devlin who acts like a closed off jerk in the first two is given his just desserts when Julianna shows up with an innocent and desperate cry for help.

In this book we have Julianna Smith who is suspected in the murder of her husband but is adamant she didn't kill him. She has come to Devlin Shade for protection because someone is trying to kill her. Devlin has no reason to not believe her but he knows she is hiding something, but when her car blows up in front of them he immediately takes charge. Julianna is scared to let her heart love again so quickly after what happened with her husband but Devlin shows her just how different he is from the bastard she married. Protecting her from her stalker leads to be more difficult than he thought when she is actively hiding things from him and running around without him. She is hiding her past from everyone afraid of what might happen not to her but to her sister and old friend and constant scapegoat in the last two books, Ethan. Devlin frankly doesn't care about her past he just wants her safe.

All three books are very good and a stand alone so it really doesn't matter where you start but I suggest reading them in order. I hope Ethan gets his own book *crossing fingers*.

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