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Aiden's Betrayal by C.T. Nicholson- Author

Aiden’s Betrayal- Book one in the Guardians of the Society series

A vigilante on the prowl…

A Guardian for the Society and a vampire, Aiden spends his nights hunting down those of his kind who have turned rogue. One night, he meets Elle, and it is lust at first sight. Elle is the first woman to get his attention after the loss of his mate.

Opposites attract…

Elle is a human who runs a bed and breakfast and leads a pretty simple life. On a fateful night, she ends up being dragged to a club by her friend. When she meets Aiden, he draws her to him like no other man ever has, but everything changes when she realizes he's a vampire. Just like the one who’d butchered her family and nearly killed her.

Good things don’t come easy…

As fate intervenes, Aiden brings Elle into his world to protect her from a rogue who is out to destroy them, and both woman and vampire must adjust. To give their budding relationship a fighting chance, Aiden has to get over his fear of losing another mate and Elle has to get over her fear of vampires.


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In the spirit of honesty... I could not remember what this book was about when I picked it up to read, I knew I had put it on my list for a reason, after getting to chapter two I remembered why. Ohh I picked a good one.

I found similarities to other books, which is fine with me that happens a lot with troupes; and the similarities are from other good series. I hate comparing books to other books because each book is different and should be judged by it's own merit but to make this easier... It's a unique blend of Midnight Breed and The Blackdagger Brotherhood with CT Nicholson's own touches. I enjoyed it, I always enjoy the band of vampire brothers fighting against evil troupe. I liked it better The Blackdagger Brotherhood but not quite as much as Midnight Breed. 

Elle is an enjoyable character and when she gets thrown it the situation she hands it well, all things considered. Aiden's frosty heart is finally thawed by Elle but the past he thought he left behind bites in in the butt and threatens to ruin everything. A sinister bad guy shows his face and the whole thing foreshadows more wickedness to come with ties to Elle's own family.   


Author Bio:
C.T. juggles raising two sons with her husband, a full time job and still manages to get her writing done. Between dirty diapers and sibling rivalry, she spends her only free time writing and escaping to the worlds that she creates. Sometimes she even manages to get some sleep…sometimes. Writing and becoming a published author is a recent dream come true. Most of what she reads revolves around paranormal and sci-fi romance, and her writing follows the same path. Not that she doesn't love a good contemporary story. The fun of weaving new worlds and species into existence is her true calling. She's a romantic to the core and wants nothing more than a happy ending. And of course sexy heroes!

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