Tuesday, April 28, 2015

ARC REVIEW The Scoundrel and the Debutante by Julia London

Book Three of Julia London's Cabot Sister's series. It really can be read as a stand alone the first two books play an important part but nothing that isn't explained simply, and it you have read the previous books it's not redundant. Prudence has to be my favorite sister she was the level headed one and is suffering because her older sister's actions. Roan is an American lost in England trying to track down his wayward sister and take her back to America so she can make an advantageous marriage for the family business. I love these two, I always enjoy it when you throw an American in the fray.

Honor and Grace have had their scandal and both ended up happy and married with kids running around, Prudence however is on the shelf with all her friends married she has convinced herself she will always be the spinster sister all because of her sisters. Prudence is not happy about it all she wanted was to get married but because of her sisters she was deemed unsuitable as time passes she just gets more and more depressed and her sisters are just getting annoying. As a reprieve from her sisters even she though she doesn't really want to goes to visit her best friend who just had a baby. On the way she meets an American man, a very handsome man, and throwing caution to the wind she decides she wants a bit of adventure and she joins him on his search for his sister, but it might be more than she wanted. Julia London is very good when it comes to misadventures they are always amusing and follows Murphy's Law, anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Prudence assuming the identity of Roen's cousin helps track down his sister but when they come across someone who knows the Cabot family the fun is over. Prudence and Roen race back to London and her sisters to try and fix the mess she got herself into.

Roen feels an instant attraction to Prudence but he has an obligation back home, like his sister it is a marriage that will strengthen business connections between the families. On return to London and the discovery of Roen's sister he asks Prudence to marry him, but Prudence is being blackmailed into marriage with the "gentleman" who discovered her secret; he is threatening to ruin Mercy the youngest Cabot sister entry into the prestigious art school she just got accepted into. The story is fun and an easy read; emotional but not in the angsty way. I think out of the three books so far in this series this one is my favorite.            

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