Tuesday, May 5, 2015

ARC REVIEW 50 Ways to Ruin a Rake by Jade Lee

I think there is a trend going around with misleading book titles. While this was a very entertaining and funny book the only thing the title has to do with the book is the little quotes at the beginning of each chapter and even those have nothing to do with the actual storyline. Aside from that I really enjoyed reading Jade Lee's first book of her new series Rakes and Rogues. I liked the characters both bluestocking and stubborn with a hate to love trope, Mellie and Trevor never expected the sparks to fly between them.

Mellie Smithson is not only pretty she is amazingly intelligent, she has created chemical process to bleach linen better and more her newest concoction is a woman's facial cream. She is self made heiress with all her own money and could marry any man she chooses, unfortunately she is stuck out in the country and has no other prospect the her cousin/not-cousin; Ronnie is a half cousin without a drop of blood relation between them and he and his father are pressuring her to marry Ronnie. That is the last thing Mellie wants.

Trevor Anaedsley is going to be a duke, and he is suppose to be a rake but that isn't quite apparent in the story because aside from being kind of a dick at the beginning of the book he really is a nice guy. Trevor loves science and always visits his old tutor, he has know Mellie since they were both little but they never really got to know each other. When Trevor witness Ronnie proposing to Mellie and embarrass her in front of the whole household staff he gets a wonderful idea. His grandfather has cut him off until he gets married so knowing Mellie's wish to escape to London and look for a better match so he proposed; of course with their own mutual hatred toward each other it would be a fake engagement to be canceled when she finds someone she wants to marry. What he gets out of it is his grandfather releasing his funds. It all changes with a kiss.

Nobody likes the match but they must play it out as they stated so they can both get what they want, but that kiss throws them both off now they are looking at each other in a different light and realizing how perfect they are for each other. But with everyone against them it just makes them more determined to be together. Toss in the tenacious Ronnie, a foreign sutor looking to "collect" Mellie and a turkey and everything goes arie, hilariously so.    

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