Saturday, May 30, 2015

ARC REVIEW Gemini Rising by Ranae Rose

Tempting Signs book #3 is Ranae Rose's Gemini Rising. Unfortunately it didn't float my boat. I'm not much one for the boxing or mixed martial arts subgenre nor am I crazy over M/M/F, I am very picky about menage stories. I liked the characters and it's very hot but I just wasn't my cup of tea.

Grant and Daniel use to train together, live together and share women together, but when things got a little bit too intense between the two of them it ended abruptly. Now years later they are training at the same gym again and both interested in the same woman. Lila was raised by her uncle after her parents deaths and is used to being around fighters. She enjoys her life but gets confused about being attracted to two men. The animosity between Grant and Daniel grows until everything is laid out on the table and secrets revealed and when everything is mended between them they pull Lila into the mix. But when narrow minded people stick their nose where it's not wanted everything their relationship with Lila and each other as well as the reputation of the gym is compromised.    

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