Thursday, May 7, 2015

ARC REVIEW Her Wild Hero by Paige Tyler

Book three of Paige Tyler's X-OPS series, Her Wild Hero is a continuing story arc. It is not pertinent that you read the first two, it's helpful I think just for background information on the arc and some character info but everything you need to know is very well placed. I love shifter books especially when they are secondary to the storyline. I loved this story it's almost non-stop action. Great characters Declan and Kendra along with the other members of the X-Ops team are fantastic to follow on this hectic adventure. Paige Tyler really has made a fan of me.

Kendra Carlsen after the events previously has been itching to get out into the field. Finally she is getting the chance it is just suppose to be a training exercise but still getting out in the field with a team is better than nothing.
Declan MacBride is a bear shifter and he really doesn't like it, he keeps that side of him closed off as much as possible because he is scared of the monster he might become. Being with Covert Ops is his only outlet for his bear self.

SNAFU! Of epic proportions. A week in the Costa Rican rain forest, it's a training op they said, it'll be easy they said, it's field experience they said. They always say but it never is. Declan feels that something is wrong, he knows someone is following them they never expected it to be the vicious hybrid shifters. The group gets separated and Declan is charged with one task Keep Kendra Alive, not that he has to be told to do that he has been crushing on her for the last eight years and just when he thought he was finally over her they get caught in this shit storm. Kendra isn't a pushover she can hold her own just fine. Together Declan and Kendra hide and fight off the hybrids alone. Kendra realizes along the way that everything she has been looking for in a guy is embodied in Declan. But with Declan's past and his own personal demons can they survive this.

LOVE LOVE LOVE will read previous ones and all future ones!

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