Thursday, May 14, 2015

ARC REVIEW Kilts and Daggers by Victoria Roberts

Book two of Victoria Roberts' Highland Spies series, Kilts and Daggers was a great read, the only that kept it from being a five star was Grace, she was kind of annoying at times but she is an eighteen year old naive girl who thinks she knows it all. Fagan Murray is a stubborn headed sexy scot, who can't resist the haughty Grace even when she is insulting him at every turn. Grace doesn't want to like Fagan, she is engaged to a proper English Gentleman and she doesn't even like Scotland; none the less Fagan catches her eye and her heart but she keeps herself emotionally at a distance by putting him down.

It does start off slow with the wedding of Ravenna her sister, the protagonist for book one of the series My Highland Spy. Spending two months in the highlands spending time with her sisters before returning to London and eventually her own wedding. In the two months she spends with in the highlands she finds herself growing close to Fagan. Fagan loves her but doesn't think he is good enough for her so try as he may he tries his best to keep her at arm's length. When it comes time to escort her back to England they can't hold back any longer. Something hinky has been going on twice previously bandits have tried to kidnap Grace and on the journey to England they finally succeed.

With more political hogwash and spy versus spy Grace and Fagan get caught in the middle of and the truth about a certain someone close to Grace is finally exposed and changes everything. This was a great book I loved the verbal sparring between Fagan and Grace and the immediate protectiveness he feels for her. I can't wait for more and with two more sisters that are unique and charming as Ravenna and Grace I look forward to their stories.    

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