Thursday, May 28, 2015

ARC REVIEW A Kiss for Lady Mary by Ella Quinn

The Marriage Game book 6 by Ella Quinn, A Kiss for Lady Mary is a good read. This is my second for the series and while the other characters are present and active in this story their own personal stories play no part in this one; for the exception of those wonderful meddling grandmas. They claim to have made the matches for all their children and most of their grandchildren, now it is Christopher "Kit" Featherton and Mary Tolliver's turn. One of the things I liked about this book is the fact that it is the sixth book into the series and I didn't feel lost. You get a feel for who the characters are and the method behind their madness or in this case of  Kit and Mary their reservedness. I also enjoyed Mary and Kit, it was a nice change of pace from the domineering alpha male. Kit was a proper and reserved gentleman dubbed Mr. Perfect who has a knack for drawing out the wallflowers. Mary, of course, is a strong minded woman who will not settle for anything less than love but is so shy from her lack of exposure to the opposite sex she has no idea what to do.

Kit is picky, and very proper, he once saw a beautiful girl out in her first season but too shy to ask for an introduction and a dance. Kit has never been able to get this woman out of his head even three years later. Now as his family is pressuring him to marry he has finally decided to track down the elusive Lady Mary and properly court her. Lady Mary thoroughly enjoyed her first season but was cut short due to the death of her father. For the last three years Mary has been hiding from her cousin Gawain who has been pushing her to marry him and will stop at nothing to have her and her money. Mary's Grandmother hatches a plan to protect Mary until she is old enough to get her trust out of her Uncle's name.

For the last year Mary has lived with her Aunt Eunice in a house way out of the way and implying that she is the estranged wife of the landowner. With Gawain getting more persistent and Kit and Mary finally ready to meet again the Grandmothers do their thing. Kit finds out someone is living on one of his properties acting as his wife, angry he rushes up their only to find the one woman he has never been able to forget. Mary is embarrassed, scared and so honest she tells him everything. Kit quickly forgets his anger and starts trying to figure out how to woo her and marry her. Mary doesn't want to be trapped into marriage she wants another season and her own chance to find love.

So while Mary and Kit try and figure things out Aunt Eunice falls in love, friends from the past books come to visit to help work out a way to avoid scandal and give everyone what they want. The solution a season in Edinburgh. Kit knows he wants Mary he just has to convince her but they are so hesitant around each other they are sending mixed signals, but all the friends agree Kit needs a little competition to get the nerve to act on his feelings. Also while in Edinburgh ( I swear it's like a freakin' historical soap opera. Woman! you gave me heart palpitations with all this.) a lost love returns and claims the children he could not previously claim. The sub-plots are so enticing and enjoyable it makes up for the fact that the Gawain ending plot is short. I read through this quick and easy and I loved it, I really need to read the others I have missed.        

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