Tuesday, May 12, 2015

ARC REVIEW Special Delivery by Laura Browning

Special Delivery by Laura Browning should have been released five months ago and been named Christmas Angels. Sadly this book just didn't do it for me. It was fine it was well written and the story was good, but there was so much of the story I wished was different. The blurb makes you think it is solely about Holly and Jake but it's not, simultaneously and not as a sub plot is Jenny and Evans story. It was as if it were two books in one with the common factor of Holly because without Holly none of it would have happened. Things happened fairly quickly and I wish they hadn't; with both stories when the change happened it was a complete almost instant 180 change. I know you could probably argue that Jenny and Evan's change could have and should have been that instantaneous, I just didn't like it. I did like the characters they are very likeable and I liked the conflict but that's about it.

Holly is very pregnant, unfortunately the father of her unborn baby has proved himself to be a crazy bastard he has repeatedly threatened her and her little brother, Tyler. Spencer at first would not acknowledge the baby as his but when his fiance, the woman his parents picked for him, tells him she can never have kids he decides that Holly's baby will fill in just fine and will do anything to take that baby from Holly. Holly knowing something bad is going to happen packs up her brother in the car and leaves driving to nowhere in general just getting herself as far away from Spence as possible. Luck is on her side Tyler and Holly find themselves at a little valley nestled in the mountains that seems pleasant enough and small enough to safely hide.

Jake Allred is ready to settle down, he wants a wife and kids he already has the big house just waiting for the perfect woman to spend the rest of his life with and then he meet Holly. Not even her obvious distrust for him deters him from making friends with Tyler and firmly situating himself into her life and when she goes into early labor and he delivers a beautiful baby girl during a snowstorm with no electricity Holly finally admits she wants him as much as he wants her.

Meanwhile Jenny and Evan are Jake's best friends and they use to date but something happened in the past that tore them apart. The horrible truth finally comes out and mends the rift between them. Evan as a lawyer can not let the past goes he must do something about it even if that means tearing his family apart and a couple of town officials.

The situation with Spence finally comes to a climatic conclusion. It paid off in the end it had a good ending but certain parts were cheesy in an eighties sitcom way.        

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