Thursday, June 11, 2015

ARC REVIEW Bear the Consequences by Rochelle Paige

That woman does it again! The McMahon Clan is a spin off of the Black River Pack. I won this ARC in a contest thrown by Rochelle Paige. I was very excited for this book to come out; when the bear shifters were first introduced in Thrown to the Wolves I hoped they would get their own books. I was not let down. A great intro to the clan and the McMahon's lifestyle.

Finley Woulffe is the beloved daughter of the packs Alpha she was always pampered and protected and she always envisioned her mate to love her just as much as her father loves her mother. Finley finally found something to do in the pack her father gave her the responsibility to be a liaison between the younger pack members and the alpha. This came to be after pack member Aurora disappeared and the truth about how her step father and mother treated her.

Alasdair is one of the McMahon triplets one of the owners of the strip club Honey Pot and recently discovered brother to Aurora. After hearing about the atrocities she had to go through the McMahon family wants to seek revenge. Alasdair and his father drive down to the Woulffe pack to have words with the alpha; Alasdair never expected he would meet and mark his mate let alone that she would be the daughter of the Alpha.

Finley already loves Alasdair, but his family and clan has not been very welcoming. She has tolerated it as much as she can but when her father calls with a warning that Aurora might still be in danger no one really want to take it seriously. Finley does and leaves to warn Aurora. While there they are attacked and Finley fights to protect Aurora's newborn in the process she is seriously injured. Alasdair didn't have the best example of how a good mate should act and it takes almost losing her for him to realize what he has done but is it too late?

This is a quick read, very good set up for the story arc for the rest of the triplets. I can't wait for more.

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