Thursday, June 25, 2015

ARC REVIEW Ever After by Jude Deveraux

I love Jude Deveraux, this is my first Nantucket Bride book but the third in the series, I need to find the first two. It is a beautiful story about healing, falling in love and two ghost matchmaking. Jude Deveraux has an enchanting writing style, I always enjoy her work even when it's not as good as her other stuff I still enjoy reading her books. Ever After  I loved reading, I loved the characters, the story, and the setting I could not put it down.

Hallie is a Cinderella type character finding her escape from a cruel stepsister when a stranger leaves her a house in Nantucket. With some distant family connection to the house Hallie is excited to discover her connection to the historic home. She almost missed the opportunity when her stepsister, Shellie, forged papers pretending to be her. Hallie is a newly licensed physical therapist and she also agreed to treat Jaime Taggart, whom she thinks is a rich playboy who was injured while skiing. Jamie Taggart is more then he seems, he tries to play off the playboy image not wanting to see pity in Hallie's eyes, he has had enough of that from his family. The Montgomery/Taggart family has treated Jamie with kid gloves and he has had enough so when the opportunity to have his PT away from them to took it. He never expected his physical therapist to be as beautiful as Hallie. Hallie and Jamie quickly become friends they are comfortable around each other and they dance around their physical attraction trying to keep things professional.

The mystery of the house is that two sister ghosts haunt the house after their untimely demise. The sisters were the most beautiful ladies on the island and had a knack for matchmaking. Even now as ghosts they still work their magic. Hallie and Jamie slowly uncover, with the help of Jamie's family and the dreams that Hallie has been having, what happened all those years ago.

The relationship between Jamie and Hallie progresses to the physical, and when his family descends upon them old uncertainties resurface and truths are revealed. Both Jamie and Hallie have to face their demon before they can have their HEA. Overall this is a romantic and entertaining book with a touch of the supernatural.  


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