Tuesday, June 16, 2015

ARC REVIEW Fixed in Blood by T.E. Woods

Fixed in Blood in the fourth installment of the Justice series as known as the Mort Grant series. I love this series, it messes with your mind and heart.The scary reality of the world meshed with a fascinating and personable characters that have you either rooting for them or wishing them to burn in hell. I love Mort and Lydia and their father/daughter type relationship. Their would be great need for rejoicing if the situation that brought them back together wasn't so heinous. I must say this is a Series Book you really need to read the previous three books to get the full impact of the story and emotional ties.

When the last book left off Mort had ended his friendship with Lydia because of his daughter. He left Allie in Lydia's protection only to have her disappear again. Mort didn't understand that both Allie and Lydia did what they did to protect him and his son and his family. Now Mort is still the same living in his new houseboat and working with the same great people. Lydia is working at her practice helping her patients in ways they never thought possible. She is also casually seeing Police Detective Paul Bauer, (who we meet in the last book, Mr. Tall, Dark and Sexy). The trouble starts when a young woman's body shows up with extensive cuts all over her body dealt with precision and accuracy to make it as painful as possible. Soon afterwards the vice squad calls in Mort and his team they found online a snuff video of their victim. Using what little clues they found they try and track down who is behind this. Meanwhile one of Lydia's patients calls her in the middle of the night frantic, scared and apologizing saying this was her only option. The call cut off and Lydia's instincts is telling her this is something major. Not much time later does another girl show up dead with a snuff video to go with it. The girls only obvious connection is a loan company.

Mort and Lydia's path intersect again when both their cases lead them to the loan company, Rite Now. The loan company is the only link between the two dead girls and Lydia's missing patient. They discover more clues that lead them to a movie set filming in the area and with Lydia's help they discover who is really behind this. The tale tale twist that always accompanies the Justice novels is a good one this time I didn't see it coming and as always The Fixers sense of justice is sweet.

Mort forgave Lydia because something happened with Allie that made Mort see the truth about his daughter. The book also includes what Allie has been doing but I will leave all that as a surprise if you read the book.        

Overall This whole series is one to read they just keep getting better and better and the emotional connection you feel with Lydia and Mort is just icing on the cake.

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