Saturday, June 6, 2015

ARC REVIEW Night of the Highland Dragon by Isabel Cooper

Night of the Highland Dragon is book three in Isabel Cooper's Highland Dragon series. Don't let that deter you it is quite a pleasant stand alone story. A paranormal shifter story with a bit of horror in it to make it exciting, because scary little monstrous demons tend to make things a bit horrific. I really liked the story I enjoyed the writing, the story and the characters, I just wish there could have been a bit more romance development between the two main characters; and it was predictable I guessed the real culprit from the start.

In the Scottish Highlands is an isolated little village that is the ancestral home of the MacAlasdair family. Lady Judith has stayed there content until a stranger comes to visit. William Arundell works for a secret government agency that handles all the things that normal police don't understand. He and the other operatives handle the paranormal things that do more than just bump in the night. His latest case has brought him to a sleepy little Highland village and the rumors of a strange Lady who does not age.

Suspicious of each other at first but soon they come to a tenuous truce when it becomes obvious that neither of them have anything to do with the mutilations going on around the village. Judith is very forward, after all she is no shy country miss, and she is not afraid to show her attraction to the handsome William. She knows without a doubt she can trust him especially after he inadvertently discovers her true self and he reveals who he works for. They work together to try and discover who is behind the summoning of the demon creatures. Things never go as planned and the realization of whom and the why comes a bit late and William and Judith are almost lost to each other.

Overall it was a really good read; entertaining and a definite page turner.    

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