Thursday, June 4, 2015

ARC REVIEW Outlaw Hearts by Rosanne Bittner

Outlaw Hearts is a re-release of Rosanne Bittner originally published in the early 90's. I love historical westerns and every once in a while I love an epic read like this. It is an ongoing story that starts when the two lovers meet and it continues throughout their lives. It is mesmerizing, once I picked it up I could not put it down I stayed all night to finish the book, I finished the book looked at the clock and it was fifteen minutes until my alarm was to go off. I got so tied up in the story with years passing in a matter of hours it felt like I was living it with them. Their was so much to the story following them for so long something would happen and I'd think wow it's only at 20% into the book, and then something else would happen and it's just at 40%. It wasn't slow paced there is just so much in it I don't think I could summarize it appropriately. I thoroughly enjoyed the emotional rollercoaster this book put me through.

Miranda and Jake are some of the best written characters I have read in a while. You feel for them you cry when they want to cry, you're angry when they are and ecstatic when they are happy. They are an unlikely couple Jake is tall, dark and hard, mean looking while Miranda is petite, light and soft but their love and passion is unquestionable, unwavering and unstoppable.

     Miranda is all alone she has lost everything she has ever cared about, just having buried her father she decides to find her brother who left for Nevada years ago. Before she could go she crossed paths with an outlaw and shot him with her gun, he escaped only to show up at her cabin. For reasons she can't quite explain she helps him. Jake is an outlaw, a wanted man a mean brissey man with a harsh past, and somehow Miranda sees past it. Miranda sees through Jake and what she finds is a man who needs to be loved and learn how to love. Running from his past they believe they can start but something always happens, and it shakes Jake's confidence but Miranda is always there no matter what he says she is never going to leave him even when they have to separate she will not give up on him and knows without a doubt God put them together and he will allow nothing to pull them apart.

This is an epic book and everything they go through they stand together and never give up. It's a fantastic story.

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