Thursday, July 23, 2015

ARC REVIEW Dark Embrace by Angie Sandro

OMG!!! Okay so this is  book four of the Dark paradise series but it is the start of a new story arc. The first three were centered around Mala and Landry, this one is all about Dena and can be read as a stand alone but I really recommend to read the first three and get sucked into the drama and mystery of Paradise Louisiana. Angie Sandro weaves a fantastic tale of hoodoo, ghost, zombies, and Death himself.

Dena Acker was brought back from the dead, well technically. Dena was beaten by her father and was brain dead. Her soul trapped in purgatory and continually tortured by her father. Mala brought her back but was determined to keep that little fact from Dena. But Dena has a secret of her own ever since coming back to the land of the living she has been able to see when people are about to die a black fog surrounds them. She learned fast that she could not change it so she just learned to ignore it until one day a lunatic verbally assaults her at work and then after work tries to kill her and almost succeeds if not for the black fog. Dena fought for her life she fought back wounding the mad man. On the verge of passing out she sees a black vortex open up and an entity come from it and kill the mad man. It also saves Dena licking her wounds. Dena is aroused by this man like entity and when she wakes later in the hospital all she can think of was his kiss on her lips and his emerald green eyes.

Detective Michael Anders is in charge of finding who is responsible for burning alive people from the inside, so far his only clue is Dena and he can't decide whether to slap the cuffs on her or kiss her. Dena in a moment of weakness confess to him what she really saw but like she assumed he doesn't believe her. Dena becomes more and more aware of the entity that is killing people, burning them from the inside out, but is it really bad when it is targeting the hit men sent to kill Dena. The more Dena learns about Ashmael, the entity, death the more she becomes confused by her feelings for both Michael and Ashmael. The truth about Mala comes out and like always everything hits the fan at once.

I love this book. Dena so cynical and dark. Angie Sandro does not disappoint with this follow up/ continuation it is intense and sexy and even caught me by surprise.      

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