Tuesday, July 14, 2015

ARC REVIEW Hard as Ice by Raven Scott

Ummm I can get lost staring at that cover.....

Yes the book is as good as that cover. My first Raven Scott and I'm not turning back. I want more. Two gorgeous people both jaded by past experiences finding safety and hope in each other. It was aggravating in all the right ways, it was emotional in all the right places, and suspenseful not quite enough but sexy as hell. This is the first book in the Fortis series; Fortis is a private security business built by three retired government agent bad-asses. The company built for corporations/people who needs help outside the reach of the police or other conventional means.

Evan DaCosta choose the life of a CIA spook over his father's corporate business. Evan Evan made plenty of contacts and even better some very close friends and when they decided to retire and open a private security business he chipped in as a silent partner not quite ready to retire just yet. The choice is taken out of his hands when he gets shot and deemed unable to go back to work. Not ready to take over for his late father he starts working with Fortis and his first job is one he'll never forget.

Nia James has worked hard to get where she is at and after what she persevered through as a teen it is even more remarkable. She keeps her work and personal life separate and nothing gets in the way of her work. But a million dollar necklace goes missing at the auction house she manages and Nia is the number one suspect. She knows this can not only ruin her career but that of the auction house as well Nia is understandably distressed especially since the evidence, even though it's all circumstantial, is pointing straight at her.

Evan and the Fortis team decide the fastest way to get the truth out is with an undercover job. Evan goes undercover using his late father's art collection as a ruse to start seeing Nia. But with one look and Evan is lost and struggles to keep is desire for Nia and his job separate especially since everything they think about her as a thief is the complete opposite of how she really is. Nia isn't looking for a relationship but their is some thing about Evan that calls to her that makes her feel safe. But can their love for each other survive when Nia finds out the truth?            

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