Tuesday, July 7, 2015

ARC REVIEW Hell or High Water by Julie Ann Walker

First in the new series by Julie Ann Walker, Deep Six is a series about retired SEAL Team chasing a dream. Leo Anderson's family has been looking for the lost treasure of La Santa Christina a sunken ship in the Bahamas as a promise to a lost team mate the whole team didn't reenlist and now they are a salvage team looking for a legendary treasure. This is a really good fast paced action romance. Their is no denying that JAW is a great writer, the sexual tension is humorous, the action is intense and a very full filling story with a great hook to leave you wanting the next book already.

Leo is certain that he will find the lost treasure, he's just running out of money and time. The island that has been in his family for generations was a 150 year lease agreement from the government and that lease is running out. He just needs the translator to finish translating and transcribing the old diaries he found.

CIA spook Olivia Mortier and her boss are trying to pin down a leak in the company in the process they messed up and lost some key components to WMDs. Lost in the depths of the ocean Olivia can think of only one team who qualifies unfortunately the team is retired; but a big bag of money tells Olivia they won't turn the job down.

Olivia and Leo have worked together in the past and have a lot of unresolved issues, half of them of the sexual nature. Leo agrees to help only for the money and the chance to spend some more time with Olivia. But the easy job isn't so easy when the the terrorist didn't go down with the boat like they thought and took a yacht hostage. And with the CIA leak still on the loose it quickly snafus.

Overall this is a good book, easy and entertaining to read.  

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