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ARC REVIEW The Prince and I by Karen Hawkins

The Princes of Oxenburg book two by Karen Hawkins, The Prince and I, is a funny role reversal on the classic Robin Hood tale. I was hesitant to read this book because it is book two but it sounded too good to pass up and I'm glad I didn't. Murian is a headstrong and loyal woman, Max is tortured warrior Prince, and the comic relief is in the form of a stubborn old woman, Grand Duchess Natasha Nikolaevna and self acclaimed Queen of the Gypsy and Max's grandmother. The story is inventive and romantic. I love Karen Hawkins, she's a great writer and following her facebook page is quite amusing.

Lady Murian is a young widow who is seeking the revenge for the murder of her husband, Lord Robert, against the man, The Earl of Loudan, who supposedly won the estate of Rowallen Castle on the gaming table then later killed Robert in a "duel". Exiled with the rest of the castles retainers Murian has taken up the subterfuge of a highwayman to keep knocking Loudan down a peg, and to be used as a distraction when Murian has to search the castle for proof that Loudan gained the estate through fowl play.

General of the Grand Army of Oxenburg, Prince Gregori Maksim Alexsandr Romanovin is traveling with his Tate Natasha to a house party in the wild Highlands of Scotland. Why she agreed to this is baffling but Max has his own reasons for escorting her. On the way there they are stopped and asked to donate goods to the their cause. Max knows almost immediately that the leader of this band of bandits is a woman. She stays in his mind not because she had the nerve to rob him it's because she almost bested him in a swordfight. Max is able to track her down when found he finds out her story and sides with her. He uses his own men to help repair the houses in preparation for winter. Murian has to continually sneak back into the castle to find a dairy Lord Robert always wrote in and she knows that if she can find it then she can prove Loudan is a scoundrel. Max finally finds out why Tate Natasha accepted the invite because Loudan pushed Tate into gamboling something that she had no right to betting and lost it and is now taunting her with maybe buying it back. The more Max learns about Loudan the more suspicious he becomes about the about Loudan and the real reason Max is there.

The attraction between Max and Murian is pretty much instantaneous and they both agree to an affair but with Murian devotion to her people and Max being a soldier and not wanting to subject Murian to that life as a soldiers wife they are hesitant to commit to anything else. But Tate is more cunning than she lets on and knows just the thing to save all.

Overall, I really enjoyed the story, I love the role reversal of the story. and the supporting characters really make the story.  

ARC REVIEW Wolf Trouble by Paige Tyler

Book two of Paige Tyler's SWAT series, Wolf Trouble, is an exciting, heart pounding, steamy read. I fell in love with the Dallas SWAT team in the last book, the introduction to such a special group of men with extraordinary abilities. Now that closed off group Alpha shifters has to deal with the first female shifter they have ever met. This book was everything the first book was. Xander is a walking turn on and Khaki is an amazing heroine. Paige Tyler is a great storyteller, I was completely immersed in the story.

Leader of SWAT Sergeant Gage Dixon has been backed into a corner by HR and his superiors to "diversify" the team. The only way he agreed was that it had to be his pick, considering the list they gave him to pick from are all humans and not qualified and quite a bit of them were last assigned in IA. Gage admits he has been wanting to bring in a woman and he has just the one in mind.

Khaki Blake started to notice something was wrong with her after the night she was attacked saving a woman's life. Khaki has been a police officer for the Lakefront PD for years, but after a bad break up with a fellow officer, Jeremy Engler, she has been wanting a change, he has turned the department against her and every time she has needed back up he made sure she didn't have it. Three months after she first noticed the change she is approached by Gage and asked to join the Dallas SWAT team and with almost no hesitation, after she realizes he's for real, she agrees.

Senior Corporal Xander Riggs isn't so sure about having a woman on the team, but he accepts that it has happened. He is ready for her training and knowing he is going to have her on his team he's not ready for the enticing scent of her. She proves herself pretty much right away and gains the approval of the guys right off the back. The only one who seems to be disappointed in and push her harder than necessary is Xander. Xander keeps trying to keep her at a distance, he knows she just got out of a bad relationship and doesn't want to cross that line and make her uncomfortable and he is pushing her hard because he knows she can do it. Khaki has become fast friends with MacKenzie, she may be human but she knows more about shifters since she is engaged to Gage. MacKenzie isn't shy about telling Khaki that the reason Xander smells so good is because he is "The One" and explains how special that is for shifters.

Xander is basically a walking hard on whenever Khaki is near, but is impressed with how fast she is learning. When she comes to him for help he is surprises she is that strong and talented even though she has yet to fully shift yet. Xander coaches her on how to do the things the rest of the guys can do that she hasn't figured out yet. Their relationship quickly changes gears when they both admit their feelings, but because it is against regulations they have to keep it hidden.

Things get all messed up when a gang of bank robbers are hitting Dallas banks and the FBI calls the SWAT in to assist, but the agent in charge is douche and risks the lives of innocent bystanders, Khaki's quick thinking saves a young girl. The appearance of Jeremy Engler also messes with the hot and heavy relationship between Xander and Khaki and threatens to expose their relationship.

This book is everything I like about Paige Tyler, she has taken a new twist to shifter romance. Overall, this is a definite keeper and i really look forward to more and hopefully see more of Khaki's shy neighbor.    

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ARC REVIEW Reaper's Kiss by Abigail Baker

First book in Abigail Baker's Deathmark series. I really wanted to like this book. I love the premise; different classes of reapers, scriveners who mark the soon to be dead people with a tattoo each unique to them and the reapers themselves who collect the souls, then you have Eidolon who police everyone and the Head Reaper. It's a unique idea but for me the storyline fell flat.

Ollie is an unsuspecting hero, she was just trying to live her life and stay under the radar until her powers as a scrivener starts to show that she is on the verge of becoming a Master Scrivener; and that's bad. Head Reaper not long ago tried to wipe out the master scriveners. It is known that only a Master Scrivener can give him a deathmark and an eidolon to take his soul. Unable to control her powers Ollie gets the attention of the Head Reaper and his Eidolon Chad. Here to help her is Reaper Brent Hume, a disgraced reaper and a rebel. He knows of Ollie's growing powers and wants her to be the scrivener to mark the Head Reaper so he can farey his soul. One thing leads to another and Ollie and Brent are on the run and meeting up with other rebels to end Head Reaper Marin's tyranny.

One thing about this book is that I could not connect with Ollie or Brent. The attraction was instantaneous, and that fine with me, but it went from blushes and heart fluttering to I hate you to lets have sex and then I love you. There didn't seem to be much substance in their romance. It had little things here and there but to me there is something missing in their love story. The action sequences felt rushed and short for the exception of the very last one. The ending predictable, not spoiling anything but it's not a cliffhanger but leaves the barn doors way open for the following book. I may or may not read it sometimes it takes until book two to really get good.      

ARC REVIEW Forged in Fire by Jessica Scott

The third book in the Homefront series, Forged in Fire is another classic Jessica Scott. There aren’t any more good things I can say; I have exhausted my vocabulary on how much I love Jessica Scott books. Jessica Scott writes what she knows; I love the insight of life on base and all the bull crap political stuff the characters (and inevitably real life soldiers) have to put up with.

Like in her other books, Sal and Holly fight to make things work. They have suffered so much that finding peace with each other just makes sense. One problem is that there are rules that could get them in trouble for being together. Another problem is favoritism is going on and people who should be discharged are being kept on because other people trust them in combat, even if the combat is breaking them emotionally. One other thing that this book touches base with is abuse; Holly believes one of Sal’s soldiers is physically abusing one of her female soldiers. One tangled web of deceit and lies has Sal and Holly working together after a rocky start. Holly is brought in to help get things straighten out in their unit, after a bad experience she never wanted to get involved with another soldier again but in walks Sal all sexy and alpha. Sal and Holly bump heads on how they should lead and train their soldiers, not every solider is so easily trained by yelling at them and insulting them. The attraction is there and they are both willing to risk their careers to be together. Sal sees Holly for who she really is and admires her strength and commitment to her troops. Holly gets over thinking Sal is caveman-ish and sees that he really does care about his troops and he needs to learn how to do that even if it means knowing when to let go.

Overall, this is an emotional story with the right amount of humor to lighten the mood of the books so it’s not all gloom and doom. Romance as usual fits right in and is cohesive with the story line. I must apologize to Jessica Scott, because I am lucky enough to be able to get an ARC from her and I am so late in getting this review out. It was released the end of June and here it is two months later. I am usually more prompt then this and I’m sorry.

RELEASE WEEK BLITZ Breakout by Ann Aguirre

BREAKOUT - RWB -banner

We are absolutely thrilled to bring you the Release Week Blitz for Ann Aguirre's BREAKOUT!

 BREAKOUT is an Adult Romantic Science Fiction novel set in the Jax Universe and is a part of Ann Aguirre’s Dred Chronicles, published through Ace

Grab your copy of BREAKOUT today!

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    BREAKOUT Synopsis: All hell is breaking loose in the edge-of-your-seat follow-up to Havoc and Perdition fromNew York Times bestselling author Ann Aguirre…
    The prison ship Perdition has become a post-battle charnel house with only a handful of Dred’s soldiers still standing and now being hunted by Silence’s trained tongueless assassins. Forging an uneasy alliance with mercenary commander Vost—who is their only chance at escape—the Dread Queen will do whatever it takes to end her life sentence on Perdition and keep the survivors alive long enough to cobble together a transport capable of getting them off station. If Dred and her crew can win the deadly game of cat and mouse, the payoff is not only life but freedom—a prize sweeter than their wildest dreams. Yet the sadistic Silence would rather destroy Perdition than let a single soul slip from her grasp…

  Praise for the Dred Chronicles: "There's so much action, so much adventure, and more than that, it's great writing."—USA Today "Sirantha Jax fans may be intrigued to see what befell Jael after his ill-considered actions there, and new lead Dred is a strong linchpin for a promising new series."—Publishers Weekly "Spectacularly and spell-bindingly perfect with high octane action that keeps you on the edge of your seat and a romance that is surprisingly sweet and tender in a harsh and unforgiving setting...This is honestly one of the best SF romance series I have read." —Book Pushers  

They didn’t speak until they had put a fair amount of distance behind them, then Dred signaled her desire to pause by tapping his ankle. He couldn’t turn fully because the ducts had narrowed, but he glanced over his shoulder. 
“You all right?” 
“Just . . . spooked.” The somber tone told him he hadn’t been alone in what he felt, watching those crazy, tongue-less bastards. 
“It’s different now,” he said. 
“With what she did to Queensland . . . she seems larger than life. I’ve been afraid before, but . . . not quite like this.” 
The words were barely a whisper, and they roused an answering prickle of gooseflesh on his arms. 
“I know. There’s run-of-the-mill evil, like Priest and Mungo. And then there’s Silence.” 
“It’s like she can do worse than kill me. Rationally, I know that’s not true—” 
“But it’s uncanny the way she’s last one still standing, moving through the carnage.” He didn’t say it out loud, but he thought, Like Death itself. Dred nodded. “I’m still here, too, but I’m not the Dread Queen anymore.” 
“If it’s any consolation, I don’t miss her.” 
“Me either,” she whispered. 
There was no space to touch her as he wanted to, and it wasn’t the time anyway, so Jael continued on. They slid out of the ducts near the closet, but when he opened it, there were no droids plugged in. He choked out a curse. It was impossible to predict when a bot would come back, and it was dangerous to wait out in the open. They desperately needed some intel about how many men Silence had left, how often they patrolled, and where, but with manpower as scarce as it had become on their end, recon had to wait. 
“Back up?” Dred whispered. 
He nodded. This time, they found a way in that gave them vantage over their target, so they’d know when a bot returned. He’d just finished fitting the vent panel in place behind them when he heard the familiar, shuffling sound of Silence’s men. From her expression, Dred registered it, too, and she practically stopped breathing. The fact that her killers were roving freely must signify that she believed herself the undisputed ruler of Perdition. 
When they rounded the corner and came into sight, he stifled a surprised sound. This group was huge, compared to the usual numbers, ten this time, and horror jolted through him like lightning when he realized they were carried a human-sized bundle. They’d wrapped their captive in dark fabric, so he couldn’t tell anything about the person, but the worst part was, he or she was still moving, thrashing against his bonds. 
Who is that? And why the hell would Silence want someone taken alive?

And don’t miss the previous books in the Dred Chronicles!





      Author Photo   About Ann Aguirre: Ann Aguirre is a New York Times & USA Today bestselling author and RITA winner with a degree in English Literature; before she began writing full time, she was a clown, a clerk, a voice actress, and a savior of stray kittens, not necessarily in that order. She grew up in a yellow house across from a cornfield, but now she lives in sunny Mexico with her husband, children, and various pets. Ann likes books, emo music, action movies, and she writes all kinds of genre fiction for adults and teens, published with Harlequin, Macmillan, and Penguin, among others.      

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ARC REVIEW An Alpha's Choice by Carrie Ann Ryan

Another emotional roller coaster courtesy of Carrie Ann Ryan. Brynn and Finn, finally, and of course it isn't going to be an easy read. I love everything about this series starting way back at the start of the Redwood Pack series, there is no book I didn't love; this book is no exception. Carrie Ann Ryan does not disappoint.

As we read through the Redwood pack series we saw young Finn as a baby and small child. Now in the Talon pack series he's all grown up and he's not going to waste time on a woman when there is not hope for something permanent, but the sexy and snarky Brynn calls to him like no other; sadly his wolf does nothing.

Brynn has lived through hell, the former Alpha of the Talon pack her father was a horrendous leader who did countless atrocities to pack and especially his children. Brynn has moved past all that and now that she knows her mate a man her wolf calls out for she suffers far worse because Finn doesn't feel it too.

Their world has changed their secret is out. Their existence is out of the proverbial closet. Now the Packs walk a thin line to keep the human from getting scared and yet still show no fear. Talon and Redwood Packs have agreed the best course of action for now is to just be seen and be seen doing normal things, harmless things. Finn and Brynn are elected to go together shopping, drinking coffee and what not. But some humans are still scared and outright attack them, in the long run Finn and Brynn end up looking the heroes for it. That just makes the evil humans more upset and started attacking the packs homeland testing the wards.

Finn finally gives in and reveals everything to Brynn, and despite it all they give the mating mark a try but no avail, it doesn't work both heartbroken return to their homes. But all hope is not abandoned, Hannah has been afraid of this and has a plan.

Overall, I love this book. The love story does seem to overshadow everything else but heck this is a romance and it is still balanced.


On the Hunt is a collection of four novellas by Alexandra Ivy, Rebecca Zanetti, Dianne Duvall, and Hannah Jayne. All the stories have the same theme of hunting or being hunted. I loved three out of four of these the last one just isn't my cup of tea, I really didn't like anything about it.

On the Hunt: Alexandra Ivy

An in between novella for the Sentinel series. Mika has always loved Bailey. But for reasons of her own, aside being very head strong, parts ways from Mika. Years later Mika is tracking down a boy and it leads him straight to Bailey's front door. After all those years no matter how hard she tried Bailey could not forget Mika and her love for him and his sudden reappearance is doing things to her head. When the runaway boy leads Bailey into a trap by a psycho looking to live forever Mika is her only hope and she knows it's only a matter of time before he does.

I love this series and I am always happy to see another HEA to come out of the universe. On the Hunt is an action packed and feel good romance. I love a good second chance romance.

SCORPIUS RISING: Rebecca Zanetti

Disregard what the the blurb it is very wrong, the only thing right is their is a strange pandemic going on and it's not killing everyone but mutating some. Nora Mendina just started her well deserved vacation when a bunch of government agents basically kidnap her. The man behind it is her ex-husband Deacan MacDougall. Deacan has very much changed since she left the damaged military man she once knew the only thing that hasn't changed was his feeling for her. Unfortunately getting back together wasn't the reason for her abduction. A meteorite landed in the Nevada desert and the group of students who found it got sick with some kind of alien bacteria. As one of the world's leading Microbiologist and her best friend the are racing to find a cure. While trying to find a cure her assistant is contaminated and goes crazy and starts spreading the bacteria. Deacan is determined to stop the pandemic and convince Nora she still loves him.

I loved this story it was a brilliant beginning to the new series. It's exciting and romantic, and so in depth detail wise. It reminded me a little of The Andromeda Strain mixed with Fated. Great story I can't wait for more


Yuri Sokolov has lived a long time as one of the Immortal Guardians, and as such he has special abilities even when he was human he could see and talk to ghosts. Cat Seddon haunts the home of the Immortal Guardians, her brother is the only connection she had to the mortal plain and since he's an Immortal Guardian that's where she stays. Cat has become fascinated with one of the Russian guardians, she follows him and watches him, never knowing that he could see her too until one day he spoke to her. From them on out they created a close friendship than soon developed into something more. They even found a way to visit each other in Yuri's dreams. But with dangers unbounding against the immortals and Yuri getting more reckless. Cat is afraid he is injuring himself on purpose, he is but not for the reason she thinks. The more injured he is the longer his healing sleep is the more time her has with her.      

This was a very bitter sweet one for me to read. It takes place before and during Night Unbound and if you've read it, you know what happens to Yuri at the end of the book. The entire thing made me want to cry it is such a sweet and romantic story that doesn't seem like it should have a happy ending, but it had me crying like crazy.   

STAKE OUT: Hannah Jayne

Unlike the rest of the Underworld Detection Agency, this one is told from Nina's point of view. Nina has made her break in the fashion world and is now getting rest for Fashion Week in New York. Until some pretty stiff competition shows up and starts showing up Nina. Next thing she know the model she just fired for hitting on her boyfriend winds up dead in her studio, and then undead and running amok and changing the rest of the models. Nina, her photographer boyfriend, and her nephew try and track down the bite happy model and find out who is behind it all before it ruins Fashion Week and her career.

I just didn't like this one. I didn't like Nina or any of the other characters, the story seemed bland nothing about it really stuck out to me as special. It just isn't my personal preference.     

BLOG TOUR Immortal Matchmaker Inc. by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Seven days to go from lethal immortal assassin to Prince Charming? Not likely.

Demigod Andrus Gray may look like every woman’s dream, but when it comes to charm, he sees no point pretending: He has none and makes no apologies for it. Behaving nicely hasn’t made him the deadly assassin he is today. But is that really the reason he’s still single?

The Goddess Cimil—owner of Immortal Matchmakers, Inc.—thinks yes. So when she foresees a mate in Andrus’s near future, she’s determined to make the match happen. That means hiring aspiring actress Sadie Townsend to help the barbarian “act” a little more civilized.

But are seven days really enough? And why does the idea of seeing Sadie everyday excite him more than meeting his mate?

All buy links will be posted on Mimi’s webpage on 8/24.

She pressed her ear to the door.
The sound was deep and throaty, almost like the sound of a man…well, getting off.
He cupped her hands over her mouth. I can’t believe this guy. The clock was ticking and it was really rude to keep someone waiting so he could wank it.
She gave the door another hard knock. “Listen, buddy, if you’re doing anything but dying, you’d better open this door, or I’m leaving. And I’m pretty sure you don’t want that.”
The man groaned again, but this time the sound was so deep and hard, it sent shivers up her spine and down to her nether region. His voice was just so damned sexy.
What? Sadie. What’s wrong with you?
“Oh. Come on, buddy!” Knock. Knock. Knock. “Can’t you do that later?”
She suddenly heard some rustling and then the sound of something large thumping on the floor. The door flew open and a huge man, wearing partially unzipped leather pants, stood panting in the doorway, no underwear, his pants barely holding to his hips and slung low on his muscular torso. She could see a dark patch of hair and the base of his cock, which looked hard as hell, straining against the inside of his pants.
She gulped. The man was hung.
Her eyes moved up over the snug fabric of his black T-shirt, the muscles of his chest and arms stretching it to its limits. She was sure this guy was some sort of weight lifter or martial arts enthusiast. Or the next Thor. Just like Bob had said.
When her eyes finally got to his face, two intense turquoise eyes burned right through her, stopping her breath for several heartbeats until her brain registered the fact that it was the same face who’d visited her the last two evenings in two unwelcome, very erotic dreams.
“So we meet again, meat wench.” His sinful lips flashed a smug little smile. “Why am I not surprised to see you here begging for more?”

Mimi Jean Pamfiloff is a New York Times & USA Today bestselling author of Paranormal and Contemporary Romance.  Her books have hit the Amazon and B&N top-100 lists multiple times and have been #1 genre sellers around the world. Both traditionally and independently published, Mimi has sold over 500,000 copies since publishing her 1st title in 2012, and she plans to spontaneously combust once she hits the one-million mark. Although she obtained her international MBA and worked for over 15 years in the corporate world, she believes that it’s never too late to come out of the romance-closet and follow your dreams.

When not screaming at her computer or hosting her very inappropriate radio show, (Man Candy on!), Mimi spends time with her two pirates in training, her loco-for-the-chili-pepper hubby, and her rat terrier, DJ Princess Snowflake, in the San Francisco Bay Area.

She continues to hope that her books will inspire a leather pants comeback (for men) and that she might make you laugh when you need it most.

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What is the hardest part about writing supernatural characters? What is your favorite part? 

The hardest part is remembering all of the crap I’ve made up and ensuring it all knits together. Over time, especially for the longer series, it gets harder and harder to keep it all straight.  My favorite part is that the only limit is your imagination.  The other thing I love is using a reader’s own expectations of the paranormal genre to surprise them.  What I mean is that most of us paranormal fans read a lot, and I know what you’re reading!  I can figure out an angle that will surprise you because I know how to make a part of my story feel like you’re going down a path you’ve gone down before and then…BAM! Let’s go somewhere else. It’s so much fun.

Of your cast, who would you most like to meet for drinks?

It would be a toss-up between King (because he’s so evil and sexy), Votan (because he’s the God of Death and War and could tell me about all of the other gods from his own POV), and Bennett Wade (you’ll get to meet him August of 2016, but he’s the sweetest jerk I’ve ever written—I want one!).

Do you do lots of outlining when you write, do you wing it?
I do a little outlining, but then I let the creative process flow. It is SO much fun, and it’s so exciting to know we’ve got to go from point A to point B in a story, but not how the characters will get there. Surprises always pop up along the way that are much better than anything I could pre-plan. I’ve found that detailed outlining takes the fun out of writing—I need to feel some suspense along the way since every story is like watching a movie someone else has written. I’m just trying to capture everything I see.  Sounds strange, but it’s true.

If you were casting your dream team for an Immortal Matchmakers film, who would play Andrus? What about Sadie?

Oh boy. I love this game. But! I can never decide. For Andrus, I really see him as that guy on my cover.  But I have two other dudes on my Pinterest page.

For Sadie, I guess I see her as cute, thin, athletic brunette—maybe like a Nina Dobrev (“Elena” from Vampire Diaries) or slightly younger Jennifer Connelly, but honestly? Who the hell cares? It’s the hunky hero that matters! (Plug self into heroine slot and call it a day.)

One Grand Prize Winner will receive copies of the five Accidentally Yours books and Immortal Matchmakers, Inc. plus this gorgeous tote from Saddleback.

Four Winners will receive a signed copy of Immortal Matchmakers, Inc. plus a bookmark and a magnet.

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ARC REVIEW Dark Screams: Volume Four

This is the first of this series I've read but I'm glad I did It has not just one but two of my absolute favorite authors and I was exposed to some other authors I will definitely keep an eye out for. This collection of horror, ghost, thriller stories gets to you I couldn't put it down.

THE DEPARTED: Clive Barker
A short touching story about what happens to a mother after she dies and is trapped grieving the loss of her son. He only hope for one last farewell is All Hallows Eve a chance to go out and see him one last time to say goodbye. Clive Barker as always weaves a beautiful and creepy tale of grief and moving on. A descriptive and unnerving look into the afterlife. Clive Barker is my stand by author for when I want strange and hauntingly beautiful stories.

I was hoping this was a stand-alone story not connected to her Krewe of Hunters series, sadly it was. Fortunately it really didn't matter it could be read as a stand-alone. If House of Wax didn't make me weary over wax figures this one sure as heck did. Wax figure artists gather for an expo to show off their work in a convention center that has been said to be haunted. The rumors may be substantiated when one artist ends up dead killed by her own wax figure.

THE NEW WAR: Lisa Morton
Mike Carson is a decorated war hero; his time in the retirement home was just supposed to stay long enough to recuperate, but something is keeping him there. There is a black creature tormenting the residents of the nursing home killing them off one by one. Mike has a hard time separating fact from fantasy as he experiences loss of time and visions of army buddies who've died in the war. This is a creepy and strange tale about the unknown creatures of the night.

Ray Garton brings us a twisted tale of lost pets in a Twilight Zone/ Invasion of the Body Snatchers/ Pet Sematary type story. All over town pets have been disappearing and the Hale Family is no exception, Sammi, the families sheepdog has been missing for over a week; but when he shows back up looking sickly and on death's door it's only the start of something much much worse.

Probably my least favorite in this volume. The Brasher Girl is very much in the Stephen King style and I'm not big on King. It is disturbing and creepy but very dry; it didn't engage me and I didn't like the characters. The prettiest girl in town has a deep secret she has "friend" who tells her to do bad things. She acts all sweet and innocent and very much the victim luring in guys to help her but really is just as twisted as her secret friend.

Overall, this is a great collection of the strange and unusual.  

ARC REVIEW Stillwell by Michael Phillip Cash

I love a good ghost story, but it is probably one of the genres I am most picky over. I cut my adult fiction with Dean Koontz and later Clive Barker. I also love ghost story movies but like books I am very picky about this genre. Stillwell had a great start, regrettably it didn't end the same. When it came to the end it encited the same reaction out of me as the movie Insidious; "That's how you want to end it?" kind of reaction. It wasn't a bad ending it was a twist from the norm and it just disappointed me in a anti-climatic sort of way and yet still parts were very predictable.

Paul Russo just buried his wife after an agonizing battle with cancer; now he is left with three kids to raise by himself. He is also trying to get back on his game at work, being a realtor can be a real cut throat business and if you don't move quickly you get left in the dust. Desperate for a sale he accepts the house of an old friend's parents, Stillwell Manor. The house was the scene of a murder suicide and that will make it a very hard sale but Paul is determined to sell it.

His personal life is a little harder to figure out, his two oldest, the twins, are dealing with the tragedy differently while his youngest says she can see her mother's ghost in the house. Things eventually start to work out with the help of his sister and parents. But Paul despite getting the hang of being a single parent isn't sleeping, his dreams are plagued with visions of a monkey-esk demon tormenting his wife's spirit. He is drawn toward Stillwell manor and the gruesome murder and the old well on site.

Overall, it was disappointing, I was really liking it and the ending just ruined the whole thing. But the side story of the ghost haunting Stillwell Manor was fantastic full of lots of history and misadventures of love and finding peace.      

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ARC REVIEW Deep Night by Kathy Clark

Deep Night is book three in Kathy Clark's Denver Heroes series. Books one and two I loved, romantic suspense all the way; Deep Night is light on the suspense and concentrates more on the emotional side of things. It's a little anti-climatic with the suspense but really resonates emotionally. We met both Chris and Sara in the previous books, two childhood friends who drifted apart in their teens only to find each other again. This story is a little darker emotionally than the other two both Chris and Sara deal with things none of us would wish anyone to have to deal with.

Chris is from a family of  heroes one brother a cop another a fireman and here he is an EMT working to become a doctor. Chris is also not long out of the NAVY, unbeknownst to his family as a medical honorable discharge. He served with the Marines as medical support and was severely injured and spend several months in rehab before telling his parents and family he was returning home. Sara is Chris' supervisor helping train him also going to school to become a doctor is a few years ahead of Chris in classes. Sara likes to blend into the background she hates standing out and drawing attention to herself, she is also hiding a dark disturbing secret. She likes Chris but knows there's no hope for them she won't let herself get hurt that way. Chris has been living with his parents since leaving the NAVY, and finally decided it's time to move out. Sara offers her spare room. Chris starts to realize Sara is hiding something she often shows signs of suffering from PTSD, and on one particularly bad night she admits to Chris her father is stalking her. Chris also runs across a fellow soldier one whose life he saved and tries to help out the guy who is suffering from PTSD. Sara and Chris find it easy living together and working together and the sexual tension flares high when they both end up needing more of an just emotional support to deal with issues. It doesn't take long before they realize ever since childhood they have loved each other.    

I kid you not, Chris teases Sara a little a bit about the circadian rhythm she follows to help keep her sleep schedule; not a week later I came across a magazine Scientific American Mind with an article about circadian rhythms, a very interesting article. This always seems to happen, I'll read something in a fiction book and later come across a nonfiction story/article about something that was in the other.

As sad and (kinda) anti-climatic this one is, it is beautifully written and overall a good read.

Virtual Tour Undercover with the Earl by Robyn DeHart

Brotherhood of the Sword #1
Robyn DeHart
Releasing Aug 10th, 2015
Entangled: Scandalous

London, 1838

The handsome Earl of Summersby may just be the most eligible bachelor in London, but has no interest in a wife. As a member of the Brotherhood, Bennett Haile is far more vested in his undercover duties for the crown and protecting the Queen from would-be assassins. For now he has the perfect tool with which to lure out the villains—a young woman with an uncanny likeness to the queen.

The spirited Evelyn Marington is about to live out every country girl's dream—becoming royalty overnight. Under the tutelage of the arrogant Earl of Summersby, she'll have to fool the entire court that she is, in fact, the queen. But as danger threatens from every side, Bennett realizes that his lovely little proteg√© isn't just placing her life in his hands... She's stealing his heart.

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Excerpt #1
He looked up from the parchment upon which he was writing and assessed her. His eyes scanned the length of her and a frown settled on his brow. He beckoned her forward with a wave of his hand. “Come, we have much work to accomplish before we leave for London.”
Work. So she would finally learn of what, specifically, she would be doing. She lowered herself gingerly into one of the chairs adjacent his desk, a massive, heavily carved desk of mahogany.
“Now then, I don't know if you've already deduced what you'll be doing for us, but I cannot stress enough the importance of your discretion. No one is to know, not your family, your friends, no one.”
His was formidable, there was no denying that, but she felt no fear in his presence. Instead, she found herself fascinated with the lines of his face, the square angle of his jawline, and the dimple that settled deep into his chin. He was ridiculously handsome, but his expression seemed permanently locked in a scowl. She wondered what a wealthy, handsome earl had to be so angry about.
He leveled his blue eyes on her. “Understood?”
She nodded.
He stood and walked around to her. He picked up a stray curl that rested near her ear, the strand curled around his finger as a cat’s tail wound around your leg when they begged for attention. She shivered against his touch. What had her cousin gotten her into?
“Have people ever told you that you resemble someone?” Earl Somersby asked.
His question nearly disappointed her, though she knew not what she’d expected. She frowned. “Once or twice I suppose.”
His brows rose. “Who have they said you look like?” He moved away from her then, sat in the chair adjacent to her.
“Well, one fellow in the market said that I was the spitting image of his Aunt Gertrude, but for the most part people say I favor Her Majesty, Queen Victoria.” Evie shook her head. She was loathed to admit that as she didn’t want him to laugh, so she quickly added. “Personally I don't see it. Then again, I've never actually seen her, only seen portraits.”
“You and Her Majesty are about the same age,” he said.
“I am older, by two years I believe.”
He nodded, leaned forward and braced his elbows on his knees. “Miss Marrington, I need to know that I can trust your discretion.”
 “Yes, of course.”
“I work for the crown, as your cousin told you. I will not detail how precisely, but suffice it to say, you have been chosen to assist on a very important task. We need you to pose as Her Majesty at an upcoming event.”
Had she possibly heard him correctly? Certainly not. Charading as the monarch must be an act of treason. “I’m sorry, I thought you said that you want me to pose as the queen?”

It was a pleasure to read this book. I always enjoy Robyn DeHart books and when I heard that there was a new series of hers coming out I jumped at the chance to read it. (Thank you Tasty Book Tours for that). You can't go wrong with Robyn Dehart for historical romance and this calls to everything I like about historicals; you have a determined bachelor, a bluestocking determined not to marry, a secret society determined to protect the crown by any means, and a group determined to overthrow the Queen Victoria. Intrigue, Action, Scandal and Romance; a great read. I really look forward to more from this series.

National Bestselling author, Robyn DeHart's novels have appeared in the top bestselling romance and historical romance lists. Her books have been translated into nearly a dozen languages. Her historical romantic adventure series, The Legend Hunters, were not only bestsellers, but also award-winners, snagging a Reader's Crown and a Reviewer's Choice award. She had three releases in 2013 and 2014 will see four more, all set in the popular historical romance Regency and Victorian eras. Known for her "strong dialogue and characters that leap off the page" (RT Bookclub) and her "sizzling romance" (Publishers Weekly), her books have been featured in USA Today and the Chicago Tribune. A popular writing instructor, she has given speeches at writing conferences in Los Angeles, DC, New York, Dallas, Nashville and Toronto, among many others.

When not writing, you can find Robyn hanging out with her family, husband (The Professor) a university professor of Political Science and their two ridiculously beautiful and smart daughters, Busybee and Babybee as well as two spoiled-rotten cats. They live in the hill country of Texas where it's hot eight months of the year, but those big blue skies make it worth it. 


Tuesday, August 18, 2015

ARC REVIEWS Going Home and Starting Over by Stacy Finz

I thought it appropriate to review Going Home and Starting Over together as they are the first and most recent books of the Nugget series; and they center around brother and sister, Nate and Maddy finding love in the sleepy little town of Nugget California. I really enjoy this series, I love small town romance and for the most part these are second chance at love stories. Each character has a past that has jaded them and it creates a very believable and likeable characters (for the exception of Clay from Finding Hope I still don't like him).

Maddy needed a place to start over after her disastrous marriage and divorce and Nugget California was the perfect place. She convinced her brother into buying the old dilapidated Lumber Baron and turn it into a Bed and Breakfast. Although she isn't exactly welcomed with open arms she is slowly working over the locals. The owners of the local motel are self important and keep finding ways to try and keep Maddy from opening the Inn.

They say you can't go home but going home was the only option for Detective Rhys Shepard. It was only suppose to be temporary, take care of his father until he recuperates. But the longer Rhys is there the more he realizes his ailing father is worse off than he thought. The town is dangling the Sheriff position to keep him there he is torn between a father he never got along with and a town that wasn't very welcoming when he was younger or the promotion to Sergeant and a six figure raise back in Texas. The choice was easy until he found out about the two siblings he never knew about and is now he is responsible for them and the closeness he has started to feel toward his father after realizing all the sacrifices that were made for Rhys. The sexy new owner of the Lumber Baron Inn isn't helping matters.

It was all just suppose to be temporary, the position as Sheriff, staying with his father, and his affair with Maddy. Rhys realizes lots of things during his stay in Nugget but it takes but it takes Maddy almost killed by a meth head looking for his stash for him to realize where he belongs.  

Back again in the quaint little town of Nugget California. In the last book Second Chances we are introduced, quite dramatically, to Samantha Dunsbury and almost immediately you see sparks fly between her and Nate Breyer. Nothing really bad happens in this story for the exception of the cook leaving the Lumber Baron Inn with no notice, the Abernathy's still trying to sabotage the Baron, and the stubbornness and blind dislike Nate has for Sam.

Nate has his reasons for not liking Sam, but those reasons are erroneous. Nate was in love once she was from a well off family, stupid rich, and she was flighty, flaky, and seriously something wrong with her psychologically, not that Nate realized any of that he was blinded by love. But when she left him and ended their engagement he applied that stereotype to every woman from a rich family. When Sam showed up in Nugget and was given the job of events planner by Maddy, Nate figured it was just a passing phase for a socialite like Sam and she would quit as soon as she got bored just like his ex.

Samantha Dunsbury blew into Nugget and instantly won the hearts of all the locals, for the exception of Nate. Sam needed a place to start over and Nugget seemed like just the place. She drove off the night before her wedding after overhearing some truly hateful words her fiance, a man who proclaimed to love her, said about her everything just seemed to click into place that the path she was going on was the wrong one and if she continued down it she would be miserable. So off she drove until she was all the way across the country from her overbearing father and unfaithful fiance. The job as events planner for The Lumber Baron is the perfect job for her and with Maddy on maternity leave she is having to deal with Nate a man who doesn't trust or like her. She is determined to prove Nate wrong that she is there to stay.

As much as Nate doesn't want to like her the more time he spends with her the more he likes her. When things start to go wrong Sam is there to see things through and succeed, Nate is forced to realize she is nothing like his ex. The attraction is there already so the romance and love falls in line pretty quickly. The admittance and sharing of said love is a little more complicated.

Starting Over is a fun and witty read, overall, it's a great book.  

RELEASE DAY LAUNCH!!! An Alpha's Choice by Carrie Ann Ryan

It’s release day for An Alpha’s Choice by Carrie Ann Ryan! We are so excited about this new paranormal romance! Grab your copy today and make sure to check out the release day festivities!
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About An Alpha’s Choice:
The Bestselling Redwood Pack continues with the Talon Pack series. A Broken Wolf. A Fractured Bond. A Fate Denied. Brynn Brentwood has spent the whole of her life protecting the Talon Pack through terrors only she will ever know. She’s never asked for more in life other than to live to take her next breath and to ensure her family is safe. Regardless of her selfless wishes and the atrocities the former Alpha committed, she has always known that fate would provide for her as it had countless others. Fate is what has carried her through with one exception—upon meeting the one wolf who could be hers, he doesn’t feel their bond. Finn Jamenson has been broken more than once, left beaten and half dead—and that was before he was an adult and Heir of the Redwood Pack. When called upon to work with their allies, the Talons, he finds himself intrigued with a woman who his wolf doesn’t claim as his own. Though he knows there could be something there, he refuses to tempt himself with a wolf who could never be his when his own mate could waiting for him. The world changed in a blink of time and now the two wolves must fight as one—ignoring the burning temptation between them—when their people are threatened. With one wrong move, their homes could be destroyed and its up to Finn and Brynn to save them all…if only they could save themselves.
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Exclusive Excerpt:
“Why?” Brynn pleaded, her heart in her throat. “Why?”She staggered from the wall, careful not to touch him. Just one taste, one touch, and she was addicted. He reached for her, then must have thought better of it because he dropped his hand. Her wolf begged for him while the woman wanted to rage in agony and sweet release.
He’d kissed her.He’d freaking kissed her.He wasn’t supposed to kiss her. He was supposed to keep his distance and make it easier for her to die slowly inside. He didn’t want her; he’d proven that over the past year by looking right through her as nothing but a woman, wolf, a fighter—not a potential mate.Yet he’d pressed her against the wall and kissed her like he’d meant it, like he wanted something more than a mere kiss. Though that had been no mere kiss. That had been…everything.She’d always known when Finn wanted something he’d go for it all—as if he couldn’t help putting everything into it, putting his whole body, his wolf, his tongue. She’d heard enough stories from women who’d been in his bed. While she hadn’t clawed their eyes out for daring to touch what should have been hers, she’d listened to their tales of his prowess. Finn wasn’t a gentle lover, but he was a caring one. He fucked like he had a purpose, and made sure every woman in his bed got off until she couldn’t walk away easily. Because it was Finn who always did the walking away—apparently, on the hunt for a mate.Too bad he’d missed what was right in front of him on that search.

About Carrie Ann Ryan:

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Carrie Ann Ryan never thought she’d be a writer. Not really. No, she loved math and science and even went on to graduate school in chemistry. Yes, she read as a kid and devoured teen fiction and Harry Potter, but it wasn’t until someone handed her a romance book in her late teens that she realized that there was something out there just for her. When another author suggested she use the voices in her head for good and not evil, The Redwood Pack and all her other stories were born.
Carrie Ann is a bestselling author of over twenty novels and novellas and has so much more on her mind (and on her spreadsheets *grins*) that she isn’t planning on giving up her dream anytime soon.
Enter Carrie’s giveaway!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

BLOG TOUR Hot in the Hamptons

Summer Dreaming by Liz Matis Summer Temptation Wendy S. Marcus Summer Sins by Jennifer Probst 

Book Trailer: 

Barnes & Noble: 

I’m looking for a hero. Not.

 You'd think as a new college grad I'd be looking for the perfect job and the
perfect man. Well, I'm not. Summer is here and instead of plotting my future,
I’m playing in the Hamptons with my two best friends. Sun and sex is all I’m looking for. Then I meet Sean Dempsey, my fantasy lifeguard in the flesh. But

he is more than just a hot bod with a whistle. And after he makes a daring save,
I'm thinking a hero is exactly what I’ve been looking for all along.

To the rescue…

 By day I guard the beaches in the Hamptons, by night I’ve had my fair share
of summer flings. Then I meet Kelsey Mitchell, a girl with eyes like the setting sun and I burn for more. Something I have no right to ask of her…forever.

Love burns hotter in the Hamptons. Come play.

Each book is a stand alone, it isn't necessary to read all three of them but it's nice to get the whole picture if you do. The story of this book was good it was entertaining, I just didn't care for the characters. Sex on the first date isn't really what I enjoy reading, I like the build up the sexual tension.

Kelsey is at a crossroads in her life, she just graduated and now she doesn't know if she wants to settle with a job back home or continue her education in Europe. But for now she isn't going to worry about it. She is going to spend the summer at her best friend's summer house in the Hamptons and have fun and hopefully a meaningless summer fling with the Hampton Hottie.

Sean Dempsey is biding his time as a lifeguard until the end of summer when he leaves for bootcamp, settling down isn't in his plans. It was just suppose to be a fling with the tall lean blonde, he never expected her to take a place in his head and heart. But Kelsey just buried her father who was a career Marine, now she must decide if she wants to risk her heart to Sean. 

Barnes & Noble: 

 Meet Leigh DeGray...

 After graduating college with honors and landing the job of my dreams in New
York City, I'm off to The Hamptons to spend the summer with my two best friends.
My life seems perfect, right? It’s not. The truth is, I have a secret that may make
the future I'd planned so carefully completely fall apart. A hot summer romance is
the absolute last thing I’m looking for... Until I meet a man who tempts me like no
other and shows me a hot summer romance is exactly what I need.

 Meet Nick Kenzy...

After two years of working my ass off as a Wall Street analyst, I’m out of a job,
with no warning, no thank you, and no severance. Am I angry? You're damn right I
am. So when I head to the Hamptons for the weekend to spend time with my granddad, I plan to regroup and relax before I return to the city to hit the job
search hard. I don’t need any distractions. Then I meet Leigh. Suddenly, a
summer temptation makes me question everything I want for my future...

 Love burns hotter in the Hamptons. Come play.

I liked Leigh and Nick, I liked their whole romance and the initial meeting was classic. The story was sweet and romantic. 

Leigh had it all planned out, she already got accepted to a high end PR firm even before she graduated. But she has hit a bump in the road that can threaten to derail her whole life. She has the summer at the Hamptons before she starts her job to figure it all out.  

Nick Kenzy has worked his butt off the last two years and was just fired, now he needs to find a way to support his Grandfather until he finds a new job. He has always loved his grandfather's home in the Hamptons and never expected to fall in love with the girl who was nice enough to eat lunch with a lonely old man. But he has to work through her defenses and prove he won't let anything get in the way of their love.

Barnes & Noble:

Summer fun before my wedding...

I have one goal this summer. Hang with my besties for some much needed sun,
sand, and relaxation while I put the final touches on my idyllic wedding. I didn't
count on meeting a smart-mouthed, bad boy biker whose gaze burns hotter than a
beach bonfire. I never planned to lose myself, body and soul, and question my
entire future. Now, I have to make a choice that’s tearing me apart, and could
shatter the lives of the two men I love...

Turns into summer sins....

I have one goal this summer. CHILL. Do nothing. Nada. I need simple before I have
to head into Manhattan to take on a high powered position on Wall Street. I didn't
count on a dark haired, inky- eyed spitfire who'd spin my world upside down, or
make me burn for things I never thought I wanted. I vowed to make her my
summer fling, but had no idea she was claimed by another. And now that she
possessed not only my body but my soul, the stakes are too high for me to lose

Love burns hotter in the Hamptons. Come play.

One of my favorite authors so go figure this is my favorite of the three. Storme and Holden are a perfect fit, if Storme would let it happen. I loved the story, I was afraid it would be too much like her other book Searching for Always, it's not it's practically the opposite.

Storme and Philip are best friends, always have been, and with pressure from their parents it seemed logical that they get married. Storme wanted the summer in the Hamptons with her friends with Philip in California she was finalizing up last minute details for the wedding. But Storme is torn, as much as she loves Philip as a friend she really doesn't want to be married to him and she really doesn't want to run the family winery, Storme's passion and talent lies with fashion. She never counted on a sexy beach bum to awaken a passion in her she has never experienced before.

Holden is on a break from work and is spending the summer at a friends house being a beach bum; and that is exactly what Storme sees when they first meet. Holden can't get the luscious brunette out of his mind, but when he finds out she's engaged he's pissed. Then she offers a summer fling before she gets married, his passion vetoes his common sense. Storme and Philip both expressed concerns about their relationship and agreed the summer a break to decide. (concerning Philip I called it). Now Storme must make the decision heart over family.

All three of these books are well worth reading.


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Connect with Wendy S. Marcus

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