Saturday, August 1, 2015

ARC REVIEW Starry Knight by Nina Mason

Starry Knight is the first book to Nina Mason's Knights of Avalon series. I really wanted to like this one unfortunately it wasn't what I expected. The blurb was just vague enough that it wasn't how I thought it would play out. I pictured a brooding recluse in a Scottish Highlands Castle and a reluctant socialite trying to start a career as a paranormal investigator. But what it doesn't tell you is that the recluse is a well known author and a string puller for the Scottish Parliament. The socialite is going to work for a vampire hunter in in New Orleans. I figured most of the story would be centered on Callum hiding the truth about who he is and Vanessa trying to figure it out as they fall more and more in love. That kinda happened, the first half-ish of the story and then the rest was annoying filler. The only really interesting is the Avalon aspect and their wasn't near enough of that in the book. I can see the potential of Avalon in the other books, but this one wasn't even a very good intro for that.

Callum died on the battlefield and was returned to the living by Queen Morgan Le Fay and used as breeding drone. After 200 years Callum was sentenced to death for only siring male children. He was aided in escape learned how to change his form. When he returned home it was all different. Hiding from the Queen he stayed in hiding and survived another couple of centuries.

Vanessa doesn't want to be a disappointment to her parents but as political family she finds no joy in it what they want for her. She wants to study the paranormal and has recently taken a job as an assistant to a Paranormal investigator in New Orleans but first she wants to uncover the vampire living in Castle Barrogill. She never expected to fall into lust so quickly with the owner. She also found the ghost that has been haunting the castle for 500 years who told her the truth about everything. Now with the information she was seeking and her newfound love for Callum she struggles with what to do.

Overall, I what I did enjoy was a couple of chapters out of the whole book. I am curious about the books to come because that has piqued my interest. This book just didn't do it for me.            

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