Thursday, September 24, 2015

ARC REVIEW The Madness of Lord Westfall by Mia Marlowe

The Order of the M.U.S.E book two, but perfectly read as a stand-alone if necessary. This is a nice blend of historical and paranormal romance. The Order of the M.U.S.E (Metaphysical Union of Sensory Extraordinaires) was created to protect the crown from paranormal means, King George III declining mental health was the result of psychic attacks. Edward St. James the Duke of Camden is the founder and protector and mentor to these people who have metaphysical and unusual sensory abilities. I enjoyed this book it was nice I love the characters and I enjoyed the premise.

Pierce Langdon, Viscount Westfall, was institutionalized by his uncle after the death of his father. Pierce ever since he fell out of a tree as a child claimed he could hear voices, his title hungry uncle put him in Bedlam. Camden found out about Pierce and had him released and has since been working with him to try and control and use his ability for the good of the country. Pierce is glad to be out of the mad house he was tortured and if he had stayed their longer it would have driven him even madder.

Lady Nora Claremont still grieves the death of her first husband, but her stubborn father would not accept her back to the family after his death she found her place "acting" as a courtesan to a man who would act as her protector and she in turn would help him keep his secret. But everything changes when she meets Lord Westfall. He is like no other man she has ever met and she doubts it has to do with his madness, their is something more to him. When a plot to kill the Prince Regent ties her and her protector to whole thing it pulls her closer to Pierce and rethinking everything. Pierce is taken with Nora from the start and is willing to sacrifice even his own life to free her from the life and trouble she has gotten into.

Overall it was a little tame compared to some of the paranormal/historical romance I've read recently, but good none the less. I look forward to the next one.    

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