Thursday, September 10, 2015

ARC REVIEW Mama Sauveterre's Curiosity Shoppe by John Yeo Jr.

Mama Sauveterre's Curiosity Shoppe by John Yeo Jr. is a paranormal mystery. It's a really good read. It's an adventure with demons and angels; ghosts and vampires; and a mystery that has you guessing 'till the end. It's about love, not romantic love well not entirely; it's about familial love and love of your closest friends and puppy love. But also the kind of love that is hurtful a selfish love; the love of yourself above all other. This love story is about a woman who loved herself so much she has no problem hurting everyone who gets in the way of what she wants. This love story is about a little old woman taking in people who need a family and giving them a purpose.  

It starts off with a woman who gave away all her earthly possessions to a demon to be young and beautiful forever. She however got cursed in the process. Now Mama Sauveterre a little old lady who is blind owns a little curiosity shoppe, which a big stingy land developer is trying to buy from her. She is stead fast in her refusal, her little brick an mortar building is more than just her shop and home it also houses a dark vault full of dark magic. The people Mama has adopted over the years go out and collect the object used for black magic and keep them hidden in the vault and out of the wrong hands.

Tassina D'Emerald is more then she seems and is determined to get what she wants. She offer a deal to Mama's ward, Patty, if she will become a willing servant to Tassina she will return from the dead the young girls friend, Tolliver. Tolliver is one of Mama's oculist who went out searching for relics he also unfortunately died in a car accident a few months earlier. Much to Patty's surprise a couple weeks later Tolliver shows up. Tassina in her goal to reverse the curse brought back Tolliver but something went horribly wrong and now she has a vengeful demon and a desperate vampire are one her trail. But Mama has her "family" of occultist, a hippie, young Patty, a ghost, and even the angels come down to help.  

Overall, it was a great read I really loved reading it. Anything that can go wrong does. The selfish machinations of a narcissistic woman screw up the lives of so many people but the ending is an action filled and intense.  

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