Tuesday, October 20, 2015

ARC REVIEW Good Girls Don't by Shiloh Walker

Re-release of Shiloh Walker's Good Girls Don't came out last month. I loved the book I wish there was more of it it was short and dirty. This is a great quick, light BDSM erotica read.

Lori has been rethinking her relationship with her fiance. Her best friend and neighbor, Mike, has noticed she has been getting more and more depressed each day he tried to tell her she needed to dump him. Lori scared that Mike is right but still doesn't do anything, until she walks in on her fiance doing doggie style with one of the other neighbors that she realizes just how manipulative and horrible her ex really is. Lori not taking any shit kicks him out head held high. Lori realizing all the things her ex held back from her starts to do everything she has wanted to do but he wouldn't let her.With the new change in her life Lori takes the bull by the horns and she gets a membership to the sex (BDSM) club  in town. 

Mike, local Police Detective, has lusted after his neighbor for years but she is so sweet and innocent and he likes things a little... more and is afraid he would scare her off if she knew his sexual proclivities. The last thing Mike expected to see was Lori at Expose, the BDSM club.  Mike thought he was scaring her away but all he did was kindle the fire. After a weekend of outstanding sex Mike runs scared. Lori isn't going to run crying into the night; is she upset, Hell Yes, does it hurt more then when she found her fiance cheating on her, definitely, is she going to take it lying down, fuck no.  Before Mike can catch up to her and apologize something happens with her ex and he just may have lost her for good and it was not fault of his own.

Overall, Read the whole thing in no time I wish it had more it wasn't near long enough I think it could have been longer and more detailed about the other suspense events, but I still Loved it. I loved Lori she was a lot stronger than she thinks she is and she knows what she want she won't stop 'til she gets it. And the bonus book is one I read last year loved that one too.

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