Thursday, October 8, 2015

ARC REVIEW Rising Storm episode 3: Crosswinds

The continuing saga of drama of Storm Texas brought to us by Elisabeth Naughton. First off I like Elisabeth Naughton unfortunately I really didn't like the characters. I think one of the things that keeps me from really liking this so far as a series is that I LOVE HEAs, and I know just like every other soap out there there isn't going to be a HEA....ever. Hell, Luke and Laura didn't even get one. Once again my main problem wasn't the writing style, it was the one of the main characters and what they did.

Lacey Salt is the stereotypical selfish, woe is me teenager, she use to be sweet and nice, not that we really see any of that it's just what other characters are saying, now after the death of her brother she has turned into a backstabbing cunt. (I hate that word that is how strongly I hate this girl, her and Dakota, two peas in a pods). Lacey is understandably grieving her brother and the fact that Ginny has moved in and is pregnant, Lacey's use to being the baby and now her mother has shifted her attention to Ginny and the baby. Lacey feels left out like nobody cares any more, but the manner she chooses to act out in is what makes her a cunt.

Poor Mallory her father's gone and left the family in a bind and now she thinks her best friend is stealing away her boyfriend. Mallory doesn't know what to do, she's just sixteen and never had a serious boyfriend before and doesn't know how to handle it. Luis isn't ready to take the next step with Mallory he wants to concentrate on getting into a good college, but now Lacey is flirting and kissing him and his boy hormones are trying to override his common sense, and as a teenage boy he says all the wrong things to Mallory and rebuffing Lacey just may have made things a whole lot worse. Jeffry Rush is the one Mallory turns to for help but boy hormones again and Jeffry pushes her away.

While the teenagers are getting themselves in a whole lot of mess Logan Murphy comes home finally after being discharged from the military. Lacey isn't just being a bitch to Mallory she is taking it out on Ginny too. Ginny almost confesses it all to Brittany but then she remembers Brittany's father is the man she had the affair with and just might be the baby's daddy.  

Overall, I didn't like this one, way to much negativity. I am glad Ginny is the star of the next one. Crossing my fingers.

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