Thursday, October 15, 2015

ARC REVIEW Rising Storm episode 4: Dance in the Wind by Jennifer Probst

Rising Storm episode 4: Dance in the WInd is brought to us by Jennifer Probst. (YEA!!!) Yes I love Jennifer Probst and no my review will not be biased, all my reviews are honest and honestly this is my favorite one yet. Finally we get to nice people, Ginny Moreno and Logan Murphy. I like Ginny the poor girl is stuck between a rock and a hard place and now enter Logan. There isn't much vindictive backstabbing in this one (one reason I like it) we follow up on Dakota being a slut and selfish, the dirty little secret of Travis Salt and the return of Marcus Alvarez. There is also more on Hannah Grossman and the fact that she's dating one brother and lusts after the other. So this was a good one lots of internal struggle.

It start off with a party, the welcome home party for Logan Murphy everyone is there. Logan feels wrong about having feeling for Ginny but something draws him to her and the fact that she hasn't treated him any different than anyone else. Ginny is feeling guilt, lots of guilt and not just because she might or might not be carrying Jacob's baby but lying to everyone about it and now to top it all off she is having feelings for Logan. Marisol throws a get together and the sister's learn what Lacey did to Luis and Mallory and Marisol's friendship with Patrick Murphy just maybe more than a friendship. Luis also overhears Payton and Francine (just waiting on that one to happen) in the hospital and finds out just why Celeste Salt keeps referring to Jacob's baby as "Miracle Baby".

Overall, I really enjoyed this one. It's like one of those episode where everyone is happy and nothing goes wrong right before the shit hits the fan. I'm scared because of that, I know soaps, I know it's only a matter of time before Ginny's secret gets out and then everyone is going to hate her (I'm picturing the worst) I so want her to have a happy ending.    

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