Thursday, October 22, 2015

ARC REVIEW Rising Storm episode 5: Calm Before the Storm by Larissa Ione

Rising Storm episode 5 Calm Before the Storm is brought to us by Larissa Ione. Now this is what I'm talking about; this was a nice blend between nice and happy and vindictive sneaky backstab-e-ness. I don't think I have read Larissa Ione before but I liked this one. I think the biggest problem with this book and it's so stupid, I know I'm being picky but it's the only thing that really bugged me in the entire book. At one part they are at a cookout and Marie Louise says, "If anyone wants a hot dog instead of a burger, I'll give you directions to Dairy Queen." I have lived in Texas my whole life and never ever have I associated Dairy Queen with hot dogs; steak fingers, yes; big and thick burgers, yes; Blizzards, without a doubt; but not hot dogs. If I wanted a hot dog I would go to Sonic. See I told you it's stupid, and I understand in different regional menus, but it just bugged me.

Marcus Alvarez left home and never wanted to return, but with his father gone and his mother struggling he came back. When he left he drifted around until he come to a ranch in Montana. The man who owns the ranch has acted like a father to Marcus, he has taught him so much and even plans to leave the whole ranch to Marcus. Marcus was going to just stay long enough to check things out then leave again; that was until he saw Brittany Rush. Brittany has always had a crush on Marcus and he came back even better looking than before he left. Brit doesn't understand why Marcus left and is even more confused by why he won't stay. Marcus knows he is not good enough for Brit and even more aware of the fact that her family hates his. Star Crossed lovers, Brit is willing to deal with her family if Marcus is willing to give it a shot. But Brit's family is out to make sure they aren't together.

Mallory finally listens to Luis and his apologies, and agrees to give them another shot but they have to start over. Luis is ecstatic he finally has Mal back in his life and he confides in her the secret that has been bugging him. Ginny and Logan are happy and not letting the rumors get them down. Dillon faced with Marcus asking questions confesses that he is the reason  his father left. Marcus is glad and completely ok with the fact that the Sheriff scared off his dad, but pissed that he should have been the one to do it. Marcus confides to Brit the circumstances why he left and even why he is struggling to stay.  Sebastian is getting tired of Dakota already and as much as I hate Dakota and I know if the secret get out it will ultimately affect Ginny also I hope Dakota ruins Sebastian reputation and career.

Overall, I enjoyed reading this one even if I was cursing at the ending.  

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