Thursday, October 29, 2015

ARC REVIEW Rising Storm episode 6: Take the Storm by Rebecca Zanetti

Episode 6: Take the Storm is brought to us by Rebecca Zanetti. One of my favorite authors by far, normally I love everything she writes but I can't give this one higher than a 3.5 star. I enjoyed it more than the first three. Unlike the others this one is probably the only one that can be read out of order and you still kinda get what's going on. Rebecca Zanetti wraps up the drama very nicely and puts it in a nutshell as a good reminder, and a filler to "fill in" those who might be lost or came in late (just like a soap would do). This one, I like how things progressed in the story, but was really disappointed with the ending. I felt like hitting Marisol with her own book the whole time. I love Patrick, I feel sorry for him he deserves better.

So this episode centers around the eldest Moreno child, Marisol. Marisol put her life on hold when her parents died to help raise her two siblings, Ginny and Luis. Patrick Murphy has patiently waited on the sidelines as a friend for Marisol. Finally with Ginny and Luis old enough Patrick makes his move; Marisol however still isn't ready. Marisol has never done anything for herself and this is her chance. Patrick tired of waiting gives Marisol an ultimatum, be with me completely or not at all.
Also in this episode; more drama between Mallory, Luis, and Lacey. Dakota really starts to show signs of delusion and high ambitions but the Senator isn't a man to cross, neither is his mummy. Dakota also gives her sister, Mallory, some really bad advice. Brit and Marcus kiss and make-up and Ginny and Lucas are happy.

With every passing episode the foreshadowing of the impending storm and all hell breaking loose drives me more and more insane. Come on already get with the drama I know I'm not getting a happy ending. The fuse is long enough just let the thing blow.    

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