Saturday, November 7, 2015

ARC REVIEW Nirvana by J.R. Stewart

This is a review for the revised version of this book. I liked the story, but it wasn't anything like I was expecting. With it being science fiction I figured it would be more about the VR aspect of the story, I mean the name of the book is the name for their VR world, but it's more about environmental science and the "utopian/dystopian" life after the extinction. That's one thing I loved the very realistic and plausible events that almost killed off the planet. The bees started to disappear, and with the extinction of bees the majority (not all but a lot of them) of the plant life died with them, with the plants gone it created something very similar to the dust bowl effect, also the water started to disappear. The only reason this is a young adult is because the main character is a teenager, a teenager who is about as mature as a thirty year old. It was a really interesting read, it made you think. It's a good sci-fi action mystery. I can see this as a series on t.v. with the Logan's Run feel to it.

 Larissa Kenders is exceptional at whatever she does; she is very intelligent and brilliant on the guitar; she is an animal activist in a dying world. Kender's soul mate, Andrew, is the brilliant mind behind the virtual realty world known as Nirvana. The company Hexagon has tried to create a utopian world for the people, they even require them, as stress relief,  time in Nirvana. Hexagon claims it's trying to make a better world, but when Andrew disappears Kenders discovers all the secrets Hexagon thought it buried and will kill to keep them buried. Kenders doesn't know who she can trust anymore, everyone is telling her Andrew is dead but she knows the truth. Andrew visits her in Nirvana, he has to be careful because Hexagon sees everything. Fighting against insurmountable force Kenders' only hope is to find Andrew.

Overall I really enjoyed reading this book, I wish it had more of the VR in it, but it was a good read.

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