Tuesday, January 5, 2016

ARC REVIEW Fixed in Fear by T. E. Woods

This is book FIVE in T.E. Woods outstanding Justice series, this is one of those series where it is best if you've read all the books prior to this one, otherwise you will more than likely get lost. So if you are interested start at the beginning it is so worth it. As always T.E. Woods delivers a suspenseful and thrilling journey for Mort Grant and The Fixer.

Mort's daughter Allie is back and finally showing her true colors to Mort and the rest of her family. She shows up after killing her abductor and later lover a Russian Crime boss and asserts herself in to his seat of power. Allie wants to be part of her family's life, but with everything she has done in the past she is resorting to blackmail to get them. Allie even tries to blackmail Lydia to helping. Lydia is trying to give up being The Fixer but things keep happening to keep her in the game. Allie thinks she knows Lydia and tries to manipulate her, but Allie doesn't know just how dangerous Lydia can be when backed into a corner.

 Mort has once again found himself in the middle of a mystery this one however involves his best friend and an old murder. Larry is Mort's oldest friend he is a renowned author and scholar, Larry's wife was murdered very early in their marriage and it has greatly affected his life. His wife's uncle and Larry grew very close after her passing so when the uncle turns up dead along with four other people Larry specifically asks Mort to help with the investigation. Sheriff Rita Willer is a new character and a very welcome addition to the Justice series, I hope to see more of her in the future. This mystery was very satisfying; I was able to guess the end result but it took nothing away from the entire thing being enthralling.

Overall, this series just keeps getting better and better and I really can't wait for the next one.  

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