Saturday, January 30, 2016

ARC REVIEW The Heat is On by Katie Rose

More delicious Boys of Summer! Katie Rose bring us another tale of the New Jersey Sonics. I love this series it is one of my favorite sports romance series. In every book the guys are different, and I mean personality-wise they are very diverse in who and what they are. The same goes for her girls. Prime example this one, Tracy is a divorced mother of four. The Heat is On is a great second chance romance between two college sweethearts.

Connor Jackson made a decision back in college, he chose a baseball career over the love of his life. He never stopped loving her the entire time even though she obviously moved on and married someone else. Now Connor is expecting to retire soon he was traded to his home team The Sonics and now that he is back home he plans to pursue a relationship with the divorced Tracy Coleman.

Tracy is a struggling mother of four rambunctious kids, two boys two girl. She has been divorced for about a year and has no plans to start dating again, until she finds out her old college boyfriend is back in town. Tracy's parents always liked Connor and treat her and the kids to a Sonics game. After the game Tracy approaches Connor, not one to waste time Connor asks for her phone number. Tracy thinking yeah right he's not going to call me gives it to him and is surprised when he calls and asks for a date. Not quite knowing how to breach the subject of her having four kids, she just doesn't tell him. Afraid of what he would think and afraid he would dump her again because she has four kids. Even after he finds out she has kids she is afraid of letting him get close to her kids they lost their father to another family she doesn't want their hearts to get broken again. After getting over the shock of finding out Tracy has kids Connor is quick to step up to the plate arranging dates where they can come along and trying to show Tracy he is up for the challenge. But things never go as planned and the kids father comes back into the picture and tries to ruin the relationship for Tracy.

Overall, I really enjoyed this one. I always like reading about single mothers finding a second chance at love and Connor is one hot cookie.  

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