Thursday, January 28, 2016

ARC REVIEW How to Seduce a Scot by Christy English

Christy English's first book of the Broadsword and Ballrooms series, How to Seduce a Scot, is an adorable book. I'm new to Christy English so I wasn't sure what to expect from it. What I got was a honorable Highlander, a feisty sister and a stubborn English rose  all of this together makes an amusing story and a series I will be keeping an eye out for. Throughout the book you have the Waters family insulting the "bloody British" despite the fact that their mother is British. Mary Elizabeth is definitely the comic relief in the story, she makes the book even though it's about Alex and Catherine. The main problem is Catherine, she is so stubborn it gets aggravating, it makes you want to scream " just trust him!" The romance was a little too slow burning, there is an attraction right off, the chemistry is there they just forever to really act on it.  

Alex Waters' mother told him he was to find a husband for his tomboyish sister and instructions not to fall in love with with an English girl. So what happens Mary Elizabeth's first and only friend captivated Alex at first glance. She looked like an angel and henceforth Alex refers to her as his Angel. But he knows better than to fall for such a lady he is just the youngest son and she deserves more than that. Catherine Middlebrook needed a rich husband and she only has this season to find him, if only Alex Waters hadn't of gotten under her skin. Catherine's need is because her mother is horrible with money and has managed to spend it all and unless Catherine marries well they will have nothing. When Catherine discovers they are worse off than she first thought she decides she must settle for the placid sutor who does absolutely nothing for her, instead of the sexy honorable highlander that boils her blood and makes her heart race. Silly Catherine.

The ending wrapped up all nice and neat in a pretty bow, but I think overall it was a cute read. The secondary characters definitely won me over in the story and look forward to their stories.  

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