Saturday, January 9, 2016

ARC REVIEW Kill without Mercy by Alexandra Ivy

Another exciting book from Alexandra Ivy Kill without Mercy is the start of a new series Ares Security.

From the hellhole of a Taliban prison to sweet freedom, five brave military heroes have made it home—and they’re ready to take on the civilian missions no one else can. Individually they’re intimidating. Together they’re invincible. They’re the men of ARES Security.

Each man with different backgrounds, personalities, talents, and specialties in different fields have been bonded together through trauma. I have great hopes for this series, each of the guys when introduced you almost immediately sympathize with them. They are protective of each other and would do anything for each other. Rafe Vargas is the heart of the group, he is the one that brought them all together with the idea of starting their own company. This band of men is the only family Rafe has ever really had. He had loving parents but his grandfather disowned his father for joining the ARMY. The old man is dead now leaving Rafe everything he had, which was a whole lotta nothing; the man was a hoarder. Either way Rafe still had to go and clean out the house before the realtor can sell it. 

Annie White never wanted to return home but she has been having dreams that scare her, dreams that tell her woman have been disappearing again and being murdered. As impossible as it sounds because the manner of which they have been taken is the same as the Newton Slayer and that man has been dead for years. Annie returns afraid of what she might find, hoping that they are just dreams; she never expected her dreams be to true and to be swept of her feet by Rafe. Rafe fell hard and fast for the pretty honey blonde woman, a woman who needed to be saved from her past and her present; a woman with a past even she didn't know about. Rafe together with his Ares brothers help save Annie and expose the truth.

Overall, this is typical fantastic Alexandra Ivy.   

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