Tuesday, February 2, 2016

ARC REVIEW After Love by Kathy Clark

After Love is the first book in Kathy Clark's Austin Heroes series it is a spin-off of her Denver Heroes series, which I loved. The main difference between the two series so far is that while Denver Heroes leaned toward a darker kind of romance Austin Heroes is lighter. It's still emotional and if you are prone to crying a good cry. This book is just as much a buddy cop story, in the ways of Turner and Hooch and K-9; yep thats right a cop and his dog. I loved this book as much as I loved the movie Turner and Hooch, and I loooove that movie. The romance aspect of it is great, one of my favorite tropes second chance at love. Both main character, even the dog, have loved and lost. Jaime was married to an Austin Police Officer who was brutally shot and killed in the line of duty and now is determined never to love again. Nick is a DEA agent whose marriage ended in divorce and further jading him to any commitment. As an undercover agent he is often gone for long periods of time and that lead his wife to be unfaithful. Harley the german shepherd was a K-9 dog whose owner died. German Shepherds are very loyal dogs and Harley is still mourning the loss of his previous owner.

Nick was introduced in the last book of the Denver Heroes series and ever since then he has had rotten luck. His boss has had enough and is making him get a new partner, not just any partner but a K-9. Knowing this is the only way he can keep his job he hesitantly accepts. Jaime is the best service dog trainer around, she works with Nick and Harley together so they can be a functional working unit. Having a K-9 for a partner is a lot more work than Nick expected but the quality time Nick spends with Harley the more the bond grows between them. Their is an instant attraction between Nick and Jaime but Jaime is only open to a sexual relationship, normally that would be what Nick would want but he feels a certain kinship with her and for the first time since his wife broke his heart Nick has wanted more. But he goes along with it hoping to eventually change her mind. Jaime becomes scared of how she feels and pushes him away. The case Nick is working one intercedes and things quickly escalate. Trying to find the person or people behind a synthetic marijuana that has so far killed several college student, Nick has to go undercover to track the distributor before anymore are killed. When the shit hits the fan Nick is targeted personally.

Overall, I loved the story the characters and especially Harley. I look forward to the rest of the series.    

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