Saturday, February 27, 2016

ARC REVIEW Borrowing Trouble by Stacy Finz

Nugget, California book 6, already can you believe it! This little town is really securing it's way into my heart with every book. This one was a treat, and constantly was making me hungry with all that talk about food. I have been patiently waiting for Brady's story/backstory since he first appeared, I mean he's a hot tattooed southern boy who knows how to cook, rwar! I love Sloane she is such a girlie girl but a tough as nails when she's in uniform. When it first introduced Sloane in the last book I figured, I assumed, she was leaving LAPD because of a sexual harassment charge with a superior and being ostracized by fellow cops. Well I wasn't quite right. She was being ostracized but not for what I thought it was something much more. Brady's backstory finally comes out and honestly I had no idea what to expect from him and was kinda wishing it hinted more to it in other books, foreshadowing.

Sloane McBride had to leave LA, she was being threatened and feared for her life. The tiny town of Nugget was just what she needed but she wasn't sure if she could transition to small town life without dragging her problems with her. She doesn't want to get to comfortable afraid she's just going to have to pick up and move again. She doesn't realize how welcoming, understanding and protective Nugget is of it's citizens especially those who need it. Sloane is fitting right in when she unintentionally starts a youth program for some of the outcast kids at the high school. Brady Benson ran from his troubles too, he is in hiding from a potentially dangerous situation. He happened upon Nugget and stayed, keeping his past and who he was back in LA a secret finding it amusing every time one of old timers came up with another hypothetical backstory for him.

Trouble finds Sloane and Brady easily enough between the skeletal remains found in town and both Sloane and Brady's respective troubles finally showing up. Even though Sloane is a cop and very much able to take care of herself Brady has an urge to protect her, thankfully Sloane is smart enough not to argue with him; with a bunch of brother and her dad, all Chicago PD,she knows what battles to pick. Brady's crazy ended up kind of anti-climatic but Sloane's more than makes up for it.

Overall, I love these two. I enjoyed the gradual falling in love and acceptance of it. New character, Sloane's brother!! *excited*          

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