Monday, February 1, 2016

ARC REVIEW Harvest Moon by Sharon Struth

This is book two in the Blue Moon Lake series. From what I can tell it is not necessary to read the previous book or even the novella in between them, The past events are pretty much summarized and put into context so it isn't necessary to read the other books prior to this one. It is a small town romance series and i usually like those but I couldn't connect with the characters in this one. Trent and Veronica are perfect for each other. Trent needs redemption and he finds his chance in wounded soul of Veronica who just coincidentally turns out to be the same woman he fell in love with online.

Veronica meet Trent online, but unbeknownst to either of them, for personal safety they never revealed real names. So when they meet in person they have no idea who they were to each other. Trent has slowly fallen in love with the woman, and Veronica even though she is dating someone else at the beginning of the book feels guilty for having feeling for a man she has never actually meet.

It is explained to us that in the past Trent was an asshole, but is now mending his ways a recovering alcoholic and divorced from his poisonous wife he is trying to make up for his past misdeeds. In doing this he quit his big corporate job and became the marketing manager for his brother new winery, goes to AA meetings and to make amends to his biological mother volunteering as a self defense teacher for the community center. Veronica is a quintessential librarian, very vanilla. It's all because her final year in college she was date raped, and being raised the way she was she never told anybody, she let it fester inside her and for years she has been hiding this. Until her niece approaches her about a boy who is making her uncomfortable and basically assaulting her. Veronica tells her niece what she needs to do, what she never did and that's tell someone also as an added security she agrees to take self defense classes with her. Veronica soon has to deal with the emotional baggage she has been carrying around all this time and with she finally confiding in her sister and her online friend she slowly begins the healing process.

Overall, this was a sweet kind book, the healing Veronica goes through and falling in love with Trent was good. But that's all it was good.

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