Wednesday, February 3, 2016

ARC REVIEW Headed for Trouble by Shiloh Walker

Shiloh Walker's newest series The McKays starts off with a bang. This was a great read. Shiloh Walker does it again she creates a small town of gossipy bizzy bodies, a heroine with a dark past, and a strong sexy Scottish hero. Neve is a poor little rich girl, but it's a deserved title. She was eight when her parents died and her two older siblings and the housekeeper were left to raise her. Neve was desperate for attention and she learned early on that if she behaved badly she got the attention of her family. Moira was eighteen and was left to go to college and run the corporation her parents ran, and Brannon only thirteen. Neve then started the domino effect of her bad behaviour that lead to the nickname Trouble. It wasn't until a bad experience in highschool that she realized she was doing it all wrong. She tried to change her ways but everybody would not let her past mistakes go. This is Neve's story but it also teases a little bit about Moira and Brannon stories too.

Neve left home after high school because she wanted to prove to her family that she could make it on her own if she tried. She did, she became a model but her job was getting in the way of her school and then she was swept of her feet by the a rich british man. For ten years she has been gone and for the last six she has been on the run, hiding from William Clyde. With no place left to go, to hide, she returns home hoping that her family can offer her the safety she needs. Being back home Neve still feels like an outsider, the letters she wrote when she was gone all came back return to sender. She doesn't know how her family will react to seeing her again. Especially after the last time she saw Brannon she threw a classic Neve temper tantrum and left, it was also the last time William beat her.

Ian is the sexy Scot that manages the pub in town. Neve's first night back Ian was enchanted with her beauty and it would have lead to a very, very satisfying night if they hadn't been interrupted. And when Ian finds out she is his best friends little sister he gets that sinking, aww shit, feeling in his gut. After talking to to Brannon, Ian decides he's going to go after Neve either way. Neve isn't looking for a relationship with her past experience only being a sociopath who almost killed her and has been stalking her for six years Neve is understandable hesitant. But Ian does his best to woo her and become the kind of friend she needs right now; if that leads to more all the better. Ian is successful, just by being there for her and understanding her and most important to her he believes her story about William.

Moira and Brannon welcome back their little sister with open arms and finally begin to mend the broken ties between them. It's a lot easier now that they know the full truth about what happened in the time she was gone. Let us not forget to mention Gideon, bad boy turned town Sheriff, ex-boyfriend of Moira who's still in love with her. Gideon is as much a brother to Neve as Brannon, he has always been their for her and never believed the gossip about her. This book teases us with the history of Moira and Gideon and some unanswered question about some of the stuff that has happened. It also introduces us to Hannah :) another one of Neve's only true friends in school; and it leaves us off with the start of Brannon and Hannah's story.

Overall, this is a great read. I love the characters and the story line it's funny and suspenseful all the while Ian is the sweetest hottest book boyfriend since Mrs. Walker's Decker. I love me a ginger.

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